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Hallo again to all.

It's been an odd Advent. Between travel, snowstorms, and a bit of a bout of 'flu, we've only managed to attend Divine Service one of the four Sundays. Without the normal Sunday markers of Advent, we're feeling slightly disorientated, slightly out of time, and slightly slammed into Christmas without appropriate preparation.

So, in a way of cheering ourselves up, we present our Anglican Stuff in Review for the last 12 months, reflecting those things whose nobility, silliness, oddness, or whimsicality stuck with us. We hope our compilation might make you smile.

All of us at Anglicans Online wish a Happy Christmas to our friends round the world. Love, light, grace, and peace to each of you as you celebrate the nativity of our Saviour. Rejoice!


the cost of maintaining bishops, archbishops, and staff in the CofE for 2008.

Anglicans can't do them. If they make sense or are memorable, we eschew them.

Allister, Donald (next Bishop of Peterborough)
• Sees liberalism as one of Satan's greatest weapons against the church. And he dislikes William Blake.

• Bishop Parsley in favour of it.

Apostrophe man
• Sometimes you just need someone like this. And he happens to be Anglican.

Its time has come in Zululand. And here's the guide for building it.

The bald and the bulging
• Should be welcomed in pews.

Bicycles and archdeacons
• We need more bikes. And cycling archdeacons.

Bishop, stinking
• Is the best.

Bishops, Canadian
• In railway stations. It's an idea.

BBC and religious broadcasting
Squabble squabble squabble. Boys, just stop it and broadcast Songs of Praise and Choral Evensong.

Canterbury Cathedral
• Being held together with duct tape. Super-rich sought.

• Burn them.

Central Melanesia, Diocese of
Will survive. 'Youth population in the Diocese accounts for half the total population of 22,000 Anglicans. . .'

Covenant process
• Hands up if you can describe the difference between the Lambeth Commission, the Windsor Continuation Group, the Listening Process, the Panel of Reference, and 'An Anglican Covenant'. Damian Thompson explains it all brilliantly.

Cutié, Padre
• Remember him? Is he still Anglican?

England not Christian, surveys say
• Yawn.

England and Sweden
at war over sex.

• More evensong, fewer synods.

Hymns, worst verse ever
• According to Andrew Brown

Library, bishop's
• The only one left on its original shelves. We say hurrah for Worcester.

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
• The best hymn ever. Bald assertion by AO.

MacCullough, Diarmaid
• Best Christmas letter to the ABC. We steamed it open and read it.

Mirfield, destructive restoration of
• Makes the heart sad.

Osaka, Japan; Brockhampton church in
Church under glass.

Pakastani, first woman ordained priest
• Yes. Just yes.

Sacrifice, child
• It's reassuring to know that Archbishop Orombi is not in favour of it.

Stealing, sheep
• An underhanded blow that made us feel quite sorry for the ABC (which is hard).

Bring 'em back.

Treasures, archbishop's, found in Durham river
Very odd.

Vicar of Baghdad
• A hero. We wish there were more. (Or more known to the world at large.)

Wedding gown approval in Nigeria
• Priests' wives in the Diocese of Ogbaru must okay apparel.

See you next week, in Christmastide.

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All of us at Anglicans Online

Last updated: 20 December 2009

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