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Quiz time!Hallo again to all.

It is undeniably the silly season in the Northern hemisphere. Where better to find a degree of silliness than when bishops gather?

We've found much wonderfulness in the various resolutions of Lambeth Conferences past and have plucked 20 of our favourites for a quiz. (It was hard to limit ourselves to just 20, but we're a disciplined crew.) See if you can guess the general drift of each resolution based on the clues.

Ready? Steady? Go!

Bond of gaiters1878

1. What is the principal bond of union among all our Churches? Answer

2. Churches should behave in what way towards 'the duly certified action of every national or particular Church, and each ecclesiastical province in the exercise of its own discipline'? Answer


3. What food was described as unwarranted by Our Lord and an unauthorised departure from the custom of the Catholic Church? AnswerSunday Shopping Secrets

4. In a divorce for fornication or adultery, how was the 'guilty party' to be regarded during the lifetime of the innocent party? Answer

5. What was the attitude towards polygamists? Answer

6. What habit was 'most strongly deprecated'? Answer

7. What was advised against strongly with regard to the Book of Common Prayer? AnswerThirty-nine articles garment tag

8. What proclamation was made about the 39 articles? Answer


9. What course was recommended with respect to Lambeth resolutions? Answer

10. What should be 'vigorously corrected' with regard to Hinduism and Buddhism? Answer

11. How were finances and the episcopate connected with regard to 'native Churches'? Answer

12. What affected 'the acceptance of Christianity by heathen tribes on the West Coast of Africa'? AnswerA morally unsound school classroom


13. How did the Conference view 'purely secular systems of education'? Answer

14. With regard to race relations, what did the Conference see as 'inconsistent' with the 'principle of unity'? Answer

15. As long as they were 'free from all heathen and idolatrous taint' and lifelong, what could national and local churches adopt? Answer

16. What issueWhosoever says? was brought up once again in 1908, having been the subject of attention at several previous Lambeth Conferences? Answer

A no-anointing zone17. What was thought to be appropriate teaching for the sick by the clergy? Answer

18. With regard to the sick, what did the Conference not recommend sanctioning? Answer

19. What were 'all right-thinking and clean-living men and women called upon to do with regard to marriage and the growing prevalence of disregard towards it? Answer

20. 'When an innocent person has, by means of a court of law, divorced a spouse for adultery, and desires to enter into another contract of marriage', what was undesirable? Answer

So how did you do?
17-20 correct:
You must be a bishop!
13-16 correct:
You must be musing about what it would be like to be a bishop.
9-12 correct:
Congratulate yourself for knowing a surprising amount about the way bishops think.
5-9 correct:
You should think about attending the next Lambeth Conference, to take notes.
1-5 correct:
You are to be congratulated for gamely trying.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 18 July 2010


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