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This page last updated 10 May 2011
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

Letters to AO

EVERY WEEK WE PUBLISH a selection of letters we receive in response to something you've read at Anglicans Online. Stop by and have a look at what other AO readers are thinking.

Alas, we cannot publish every letter we receive. And we won't publish letters that are anonymous, hateful, illiterate, or otherwise in our judgment do not benefit the readers of Anglicans Online. We usually do not publish letters written in response to other letters. We edit letters to conform with standard AO house style for punctuation, but we do not change, for example, American spelling to conform to Canadian orthography. On occasion we'll gently edit letters that are too verbose in their original form. Email addresses are included when the authors give permission to do so.

If you'd like to respond to a letter whose author does not list an email, you can send your response to Anglicans Online and we'll forward it to the writer.

Letters from 2 to 8 May 2011

Like all letters to the editor everywhere, these letters express the opinions of the writers and not Anglicans Online. We publish letters that we think will be of interest to our readers, whether we agree with them or not. If you'd like to write a letter of your own, click here.

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Your parish needs you

I always enjoy your editorial and make a point of reading it every Monday. I also rarely find myself disagreeing with you. Today, however, I take exception to your comment that not attending church only harmed yourself. Unless you're a member of a mega church where your absence is only noted in the records, you also had an impact on the others at worship. As a parish priest, I am impacted when regulars are not present. But then, we are a small parish and everyone is missed. Perhaps our relationship with our Lord whould be such that we can be renewed in spirit without being concerned over who else is there, but we do find support and encouragement from others who are present.

On the other hand, no one should beat themselves up because they slept in. Our body is surely also sacramental sign of God's grace, and God sometimes tells us through it, that we need the sacred gift of sleep.

Condolences on the death of your friend and blessings on your continued fine work with Anglicans Online

Bob Webster
St. Martin in the Fields
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
2 May 2011

Definitely not for a jumble sale

Like millions around the world, I watched the wedding in Westminster Abbey, and thought that the splendid service showed Anglicans at their best. I have long been bewildered, however, by the various vessels which appear on the high altar and elsewhere on such occasions. Is this meant to symbolize celebration, or does it have a deeper meaning? It could be seen as a rather vulgar display (can this be possible among Anglicans?) of church wealth.

William Bippus
St. Paul's
Marinette, Wisconsin, USA
2 May 2011

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Earlier letters

We launched our 'Letters to AO' section on 11 May 2003. All published letters are in our archives.



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