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This page last updated 16 June 2019  

Letters to AO

EVERY WEEK WE PUBLISH a selection of letters we receive in response to something you've read at Anglicans Online. Stop by and have a look at what other AO readers are thinking.

Alas, we cannot publish every letter we receive. And we won't publish letters that are anonymous, hateful, illiterate, or otherwise in our judgment do not benefit the readers of Anglicans Online. We usually do not publish letters written in response to other letters. We edit letters to conform with standard AO house style for punctuation, but we do not change, for example, American spelling to conform to British orthography. On occasion we'll gently edit letters that are too verbose in their original form. Email addresses are included when the authors give permission to do so.

If you'd like to respond to a letter whose author does not list an email, you can send your response to Anglicans Online and we'll forward it to the writer.

Letters from the week of 10 - 6 June 2019

Like all letters to the editor everywhere, these letters express the opinions of the writers and not Anglicans Online. We publish letters that we think will be of interest to our readers, whether we agree with them or not. If you'd like to write a letter of your own, click here.

There are often comments about our front-page letters on the Anglicans Online Facebook page. You might like to have a look.

The New/Old Prayer Book

In the celebration of the first Book of Common Prayer in 1549 (see last week's front page) we ought not to forget that it was not happily and peacefully received in many (most?) places in England.

Lord Russel arrested 900 anti-Prayer Book rebels at Cyst Heath, bound and gagged them, and then cut their throats.

A Prayer Book supporter (William Hellyons) in Stamford Courtenay came out of the church house and was stabbed in the neck with a pitchfork and then his body chopped into small pieces.

There were deadly, murderous riots all over Cornwall (where the people did not speak English) and in Exeter, the vicar of St. Thomas Church raised a rabble army of as many as 6000, surrounded the city for a month, and refused to use the new book. He was finally arrested and hanged— in his vestments and in chains—from a gallows on the tower of his church—and his body left there until it rotted in order to encourage obedience and the universal use of the new Book.

Well, that’s one way to introduce a new liturg…

Fr. John-Julian, OJN
The Order of Julian of Norwich
Hartland, Wisconsin, USA
10 June 2019

We launched our 'Letters to AO' section on 11 May 2003. All published letters are in our archives.


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