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This page last updated 21 July 2019  

Noted This Week

Editor: Richard Mammana

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Week of 21 July 2019

Uganda: Diocese of West Ankole -

New South Wales: North Parramatta, All Saints (Sydney)
Western Australia: Parish of Pinjarra-Waroona (Bunbury)

The Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication: 'Since 2015, our team has grown and we now support leaders and church teams across London, England and beyond as they look to multiply disciples, congregations and movements.'

Episcopal Elections

England: London, 28 September 2019: Chancel screens since the Reformation
The annual conference of the Ecclesiological Society.

England: London, 2-3 October 2019: Lambeth Conference 1920 and the Ecumenical Vocation of Anglicanism
'Meeting in the aftermath of the Great War, the bishops who convened for the Lambeth Conference in 1920 felt themselves ‘drawn by a Power greater than themselves to a general agreement’ regarding the contours of a new approach to Christian unity, embodied in the famous and influential Appeal to All Christian People. In preparation for the centenary of the Lambeth Appeal that will coincide with the next Lambeth Conference, this conference will review the legacy of 1920 and ask what the ecumenical vocation of Anglicanism might be today.' Colloquium at Lambeth Palace, in partnership with Westminster Abbey, the Living Church Institute, Virginia Theological Seminary, and Communion Partners.

Letters to Anglicans Online
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News Centre
Canada's General Synod expands full communion recognition. Global shortage of incense? Anglican Church of Canada in deficit position. ACC re-evaluating governance after motion to recognize same-sex marriage fails. New bishop in Rwanda. New poll shows growing view that clergy are irrelevant. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

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Texas: Colorado City, St Stephen (Northwest Texas)
Texas: Sweetwater, All Saints (Northwest Texas)

Vacancies Centre
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For more information on this and other listings, see our Vacancies Centre. Also scan vacancy pages on diocesan web sites throughout the communion.

Australia: All Saints Anglican Network, Launceston (Tasmania) Network Operations Manager

Worth Noting
Citizens of Heaven: Identity, Inclusion and the Church: Sam Wells delivered the Inclusive Church 2019 Lecture.

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