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This page last updated 25 August 2019  

Noted This Week

Editor: Richard Mammana

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Week of 25 August 2019

East Sheen, All Saints (Southwark)
Mortlake, St Mary the Virgin (Southwark)

Episcopal Elections

USA: Texas, Austin, 7-8 November 2019: Episcopal Veterans Conference
Hosted by the Seminary of the Southwest and St Matthew's Church; the topic is Moral Injury.

USA: Massachusetts, Boston, 5-6 December 2019: Oxford Comes to Boston: 175 Years of Anglo-Catholicism in America
The third Anglo-Catholic Roots conference at the Church of the Advent, Boston.

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News Centre
Church of Nigeria publishes a hymnal. Rwanda church marriages declared fraudulent because of corruption. Oxford dean Martyn Percy to be reinstated after tribunal hearing. CSI petition to uninvite ABC from visit to South India. New bishop in Rwanda. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The Continuing Anglican Church: 'holds to the principles of the traditional faith of which we believe that the Word of God is the fulfillment of Christian Faith'.

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Texas: Pflugerville, St Joan of Arc (Texas)

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Worth Noting
Faith in Action: Supporting Immigrants: 'There are four Episcopal dioceses that hug the border between the United States and Mexico, and the bishops of each diocese describe in a new video the work being done to support immigrants in what Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry called "a humanitarian crisis."'

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