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Hallo again to all. We continue to be delighted with the number of parishes and dioceses coming on line. The Church of Ireland has mounted an impressive effort to put all of its dioceses on line at one time; do have a look at what they've done.

In the last ten days or so we've heard about or found a number of intriguing sites. In no particular order, you might like to have a look at two Anglican bookstores on line, one
virtual bookshop in Michigan and one virtual and real in Seattle, Washington. From the UK comes an interesting innovation, Visual Liturgy, a new piece of software due to be published in England later this month for helping English Anglicans plan church services and prepare service sheets. And a mailing list, Liturgy, offers a forum for those wishing to discuss liturgy from a variety of religious traditions. And speaking of traditions, the Church of Sweden hosts a comprehensive web site about the Porvoo Agreement (in English).

While we hope in the very near future to include original writing here on Anglicans Online, we're not quite ready just yet. In the meanwhile, we're happy to point you to the charming
Sabbath Blessings of Molly Wolf, a Canadian Anglican who every week delights many of us with her witty, delightful, incisive, and often poetic looks at life in the late twentieth century. Her web site contains a complete collection of this year's essays. We suspect you'll find them addictive.

Throughout the Anglicans Online web pages, you'll see some dioceses' names entered in italic letters. In virtually every case this indicates that although there is yet no web site, a diocese has a subdomain reserved for it under the domain. If you are interested in the Internet naming scheme for the Anglican Communion, do have a look at the domain web pages. You'll find the steps a diocese can take to claim its reserved name. Eventually we hope to include all Anglican Communion dioceses' names (about 500) on Anglicans Online. By so doing, it will give us all a clearer idea of the extent and variety of this 80-million or so member communion and it may indeed prod those dioceses who don't have web pages into taking the first steps.

I'm happy to announce that one key area of Anglicans Online now has a section editor. Simon Sarmiento, of St Albans, England, will be looking after the UK and Europe section of the site. He brings a great familiarity with the Church of England to bear on his work, and coupled with his experience as webmaster for the
Diocese in Europe, his knowledge will be most helpful.
Finally, I have a young correspondent (about to become a part of a cathedral boys choir) who is quite keen to know whether the traditional ruffled collar of the choir boy's costume has a particular name. If any of you know it, please
email me and I shall be glad to send on your response. As this young man wrote to me, 'I have a bad enough time when I have a question I cannot ask. And I think it's worse when I have one I ask but can't find out the answer'. I suspect even grownups understand that feeling. See you next Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 5 October 1997
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