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Hallo again to all. In the past week, new dioceses have come online, amongst them, New Westminster (also known as Vancouver) in Canada and Kyushu, in Japan, as well as a number of parishes, amongst them, St Margaret of Antioch in Trinidad, West Indies, and St Mary in Kyoto, Japan. (And those are just a few of the URLS we've received.) Thanks to all who submit their parish and diocesan sites: we'll try to link them as quickly as possible.

For musicians and lovers of hymns, have a look at the
Anglican Online Hymnal, an ambitious beginning to what could become a superlative resource. For those of you who enjoy English literature and particularly the religious aspects of it, you might like to have a look at a massive database, English Literature and Religion, compiled by a faculty member at the University of Maryland.

For those of you who take your email discussions seriously, there's a new list,
Theologos, which invites scholarly and indepth discussion of Christian theology. If you feel--as many of us often do--that you're at a more elementary level in the questions you sometimes have about your faith, you might look at the site Ask Mr Religion, described as 'a site maintained by Anglicans, Lutherans, and others for the private communication of answers to questions about Christianity posed by its readers'. (We've not tried this, so do report back to us, if you like, on the quality of the response you received.)

For those of you who have always wanted to make a
pilgrimage to Walsingham, one of the Anglican Communion's best known holy places, a section of a the Walsall Deanery page (Diocese of Lichfield in England) has a number of photos, with full text that accompany them. Finally, although not particularly Anglican, there is now a web site devoted to the means of preserving web sites after death: AfterLife. 'Several volunteers have been working together to address the concerns and issues of archiving Web sites after their authors die... Currently, AfterLife has been donated server space and bandwidth, and the organization is applying for tax-exempt status in the United States'. It's a fascinating excursion into the problems posed by the preservation of digital information.

Speaking of sites, if you come across an interesting Anglican-related (tightly or quite loosely) site in your web browsing, do send in the
Add A Site form with a brief description and we'll have a look and indeed add it to Anglicans Online if it seems appropriate.

You may remember last week I enquired about the official name of the ruffled collar which is a part of the traditional cathedral boys choir costume. It is, indeed, a 'ruff', no more, no less. Thanks to all who emailed that information: I'll pass it on to the young man who was so eager to know the proper term.

See you next Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 12 October 1997
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