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Hallo again, slightly belatedly, to all. Some of you have wondered what happens to the references to web sites that we feature here on the front page letter. It's quite simple: the featured URLs are placed in their more-or-less logical home within the Anglicans Online web site. I suspect you'll generally be able to find a site you're interested in by considering how it would be categorised: Was it music related? A parish in the UK? A liturgical resource? The answer will suggest where it would be. If you ever have any trouble locating a quondam front-page-listed site, email me and I'll be glad to point it out to you.

Now to this week's interesting web pages. The University of Michigan has a online exhibit
'From Papyri to King James: The Transmission of the English Bible' which 'includes documents spread across nations, peoples, and languages' and 'examines the origins of the King James Bible through direct ancestors and related religious works. Portions from several letters of Paul, the first appearance of Greek and Latin texts in print, and early translations of English are all on display. Some of the older documents are written on papyrus and parchment. For better comparison, some of the Bibles are opened to the same passage providing an easier observation of the developments in language, handwriting and type design'.

Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars is online, and their site features information about their upcoming annual meeting in November. Speaking of meetings, you'll find a new section on the Anglicans Online 'General Resources' page which is devoted to conferences and meetings. Here you can review Anglican-related gatherings and read about a series of events in Cambridge, England in November and early December 1997 that marks the 140th anniversary of David Livingstone's speech which led to university mission work in Africa.

If you consider yourself evangelical, you may like to know that there is a new society at Virginia Theological Seminary
devoted to Anglican evangelicalism. They look forward to making contact with like-minded students at ECUSA seminaries.

Royal School of Church Music is online, and thinking of church music in general reminds me that the director of music at Leeds Cathedral (Roman Catholic) is seeking advice for a choir tour he's planning for Canada in 1999. If you have suggestions, email Stuart Thompson.

It's a pleasure to welcome parishes in
Bangkok, Thailand and Penang, West Malaysia. And, as always, there are new web sites listed throughout the various sections of Anglicans Online. Do have a look round.

See you next Sunday. (Really.)

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 27 October 1997
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