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Hallo again to all.

A somewhat sad beginning to this week, with the hint of serious trouble in the Church of England. Many of you will have heard that perhaps up to 1000 parishes, along with a few bishops, are threatening to leave the Church of England and form a separate church or province of some sort, primarily over the issue of General Synod's approval five years ago of the ordination of women. You can read the front-page story in the 9 November Internet edition of the
Sunday Times. (If you've not registered to read the paper online, you can do so at the site. There is no charge.) No matter what our own opinions about some of the controversial and perplexing issues facing the Anglican Church today, none of us can be but terribly sad at any additional splintering of the Body of Christ. Pray for our Church.

(10 November 1997 update: To balance the story above, have a look at
the address by the Rev'd Dr Jeffrey John given Monday night at the annual general meeting of Oxford branch of 'Affirming Catholicm'. It provides a somewhat calmer perspective of the state of things in England at present.)

Another issue which, although not nearly as tragic as a potential schism, can cause pain to some is
whether children are truly welcome in churches. A parishioner of church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has addressed many of the issues in a study she did for her parish and I suspect you'll find some of the questions she raises quite provocative.

For those of us who at times long to escape, at least momentarily, the confusion of the late 20th century, have a look at Dr Ed Friendlander's
timeline of Anglican history and convince yourself that every age has its difficulties and doubts. It's a slightly unwieldy file, but worth working through for Dr Friendlander's informed and witty take on the history of this branch of the Holy Catholic Church. If you make it to the end of the file, the 'To Think About' section and the mini 'Anglican Quiz' are delightful.

If you like to range beyond the astonishing variety of the Anglican Communion to the even more astonishing variety of the world's religions, have a look at this comprehensive
'Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion' organized into General Directories, Women and Religion, Art and Religion, Eastern Religions, Western Religions, and Religion in the Americas. I followed a link to the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt and delightfully lost an hour in the pursuit of links from that one page alone.

I have a plea from a correspondent for an email address for the Archbishop of Myanmar. I cannot seem to locate one, but perhaps one of you might know -- or might know someone who might know. If you do, please
email me directly with the information.

See you next Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 9 November 1997
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