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Hallo again to all. My apologies for my unexpected one-week absence; I assure you that will happen as rarely as possible.

As you might expect, we've a host of new sites. From the UK comes an impressive roster of parishes which you can
scan quickly on the New This Week page. In that list is St Mary's, Droylsden, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary on 11 February. The folks at that parish would very much like to have greetings sent from round the world, so if you can, please send them an email.

The practice of intercommunion in Ireland is becoming somewhat more common. You can read about it in an interesting
article in the Irish Times. Also good reading is a New York Times Book Review article on 'Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity'. Another intriguing article, 'The Religion Market', suggests reasons for the growth of conservative denominations in the USA.

Staying in the USA for a moment, there are now online
Real Audio clips of portions of the Investiture service of ECUSA's new Presiding Bishop (including one with the rap of Bishop Griswold's crozier on the west door of Washington National Cathedral).

Nag Hammadi gospels (the new Coptic gospels) are now available in both an English and Spanish version. And there's a new mailing list for people interested in the Anglican Communion's ministry to seafarers. For information, email

If you would like to learn about Bahá'í, Christian (Eastern and Western), Islamic, Jewish, and Pagan holy days, have a look at the
Greenbelt Interfaith News Interfaith Calendar 1998. Each day is linked to an article that describes the significance of the day. Compiling such a calendar was quite an achievement: kudos to editor Heather Peterson.

Our own patron saint,
Tod Maffin, is planning a web site for the upcoming Canadian General Synod. He writes: 'Plans include a number of email reports (similar to reports I did last time), near-live images from the floor, audio and (I hope!) video broadcasting, and more. I'm quite excited about it and will be launching the site in the next two or three weeks'. We'll let you know the URL as soon as we know it.

Many of you will remember the controversy between the Episcopal Church in the USA and the group denominating itself 'PECUSA Inc'. Things have taken a more serious turn, as
two dioceses in ECUSA have begun legal action against the corporation. We'll keep you informed of developments as we hear of them.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 1 February 1998
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