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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Heartiest Easter greetings to all!

There is a torrent of news from the UK this week, everything from the
Archbishop of York's views on disestablishment to the ten principles behind 'Fanfare for a New Generation', a scheme for attracting new people into the church endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury (amongst others). Alas, Dr Carey's Easter address at Canterbury Cathedral was disrupted by protesters: the BBC gives details. I am sure we all heartily welcome the good reports about a possible settlement in Northern Ireland. Over in the US, Lutherans in the Midwest continue to consider the possible Concordat with ECUSA and Roman Catholic bishops take a close look at the Internet. New This Week gives you a complete roster of the latest news stories.

Speaking of news, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get to a story, but generally you will always need to be a registered reader of a newspaper (almost always free). Even with a login and password, stories can prove elusive as URLs change. If you see a story in our 'New This Week' section that interests you, do try to read it straightway: it probably won't be possible for us to link these normally in the appropriate sections of Anglicans Online.
The Church Times, to take one example, doesn't archive any of its stories and changes its web site each Friday.

As long as we're on the Church Times, this week's issue features a superb reflection about Our Lord's resurrection and why it should be like a shot in the eye (and so often comes to us more like bland pudding). For a no-doubt-about it impassioned declaration of the resurrection, have a look at St John Chrysostom's Easter Sermon.

Joy to each of you as we celebrate the Great Fifty Days of Easter.

Heaven will not leave us alone,
Heaven will continue to come to earth
Until heaven and earth are one
heaven will not leave us alone until
Love's work is done.
-- Susan Sherard

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 12 April 1998
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