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we receive each week we list here. We post two weeks worth of rosters, cycling the old one off each week. You'll also find all the new URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online: General Resources, Youth pages, Music section, specific country sections -- wherever is appropriate.

Week of 12 April 1998

General Resources
'Acquiring a Listening Heart': Conference at Trinity Institute (New York) --

Colloquium of Catholic Christians in the USA --

Internet resources on the plight of persecuted Christians --

'One in the Eye for God' -- a resurrection wake-up call in the Church Times

News Centre
Archbishop of Canterbury's Easter address interrupted by activists: BBC News
Related story in the
Daily Telegraph

'Defiant bishop joins Labour in the Lords': Sunday Times (London) -- Getting to a story in the Sunday Times is a bit of a nuisance. You need first to go to the archive section , select the 5 April issue, then choose the 'Britain' section; finally, scroll down to the link with the headline above. You decide whether the story seems worth it!)

'Church assets increase to a record £3.5bn' --The Times (London)

Easter messages of hope in Northern Ireland -- BBC News

'Fanfare for a New Generation: 10 practical goals for churches' -- BBC News

'Church raises doubts over ties with state': the Archbishop of York speaks about disestablishment --The Times (London)

'I hate the happy clappies': The most interesting clergyman in the Church of England is preparing to leave his parish --The Times (London)

'New Labour, New Lambeth': an interview with Dr George Carey -- (The Observer)

'Spin doctor set on a fast track' --The Times (London)

Lutherans leery of revised `Concordat of Agreement' -- Duluth (Minnesota) News Tribune

'Brockton Priest Defies Episcopal Bishop's Ruling' -- Boston Globe

'For Bishops, Net Is Tool - Both Useful and Worrisome': Roman Catholic bishops and the Internet -- CyberTimes (New York Times)

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Birmingham: Edgbaston, St Germain --
London: Northwood, Emmanuel --

Georgia: Jellicoe, St Luke --
Illinois: Chicago, Church of the Mediator --
Indiana: Michigan City, Trinity Church --
Kentucky: Louisville, Calvary --

Diocese of Albany -- (some of the links don't yet work)

St. Anselm of Canterbury University Center at University of Oklahoma --

The Western Idaho Episcopal Cursillo Community --

New Zealand: St Martins, St Anne --

Week of 5 April 1998


London: St James Westminster --

Anglican Journal --

Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter Resources -- a special Anglicans Online page, with new Holy Week and Easter features

General Resources
Candle Press --
The International Order of St Vincent,
'lay ministers and lay leaders of all Western-Rite branches of
the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church' --
OACES, Inc: Christian education and spirituality --
Ship of Fools: The Magazine of Christian Unrest --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Earlham, Norwich: St Mary --

Diocese of Coventry --
Diocese of Guildford: Guildford Cathedral --

'Windsor Statement on the Diaconate' --

California: Cupertino, St Jude --
California: Milpitas, St Joseph --
California: Morro Bay, St Peters by the Sea --
California: Salinas, St Paul --
California: Sunnyvale, St Thomas --
Connecticut: Willimantic, St Paul --
Georgia: Warner Robins, All Saints --
Maryland: Churchville, Holy Trinity --
Mississippi: Jackson, All Saints --
South Carolina: Charleston, St Michael --

The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church --

Australia: Melbourne, St Peter's Eastern Hill --

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