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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Hallo again to all. I had thought in some vague way that Easter week might prove to be rather quiet. I was wrong: quite a number of Anglican-related web sites have popped up. I'll start with two new official sites, one for the 1998 Lambeth Conference and another for the official home of the Anglican Communion Office. The older ACO home page (http://www.aco.org) seems still to be in place; you might want to keep them both bookmarked for the time being. We've linked these sites in our Lambeth Conference area of Anglicans Online and will highlight more Lambeth links as we become aware of them.

Several Anglican-related news stories continue to come in from the UK, everything from an article about
bishops' views on the resurrection to plans for a virtual chapel at the official Church of England web site. In the USA, the Lutherans (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) and the Episcopal Church continue their move towards a concordat and, zeroing in on Massachusetts, there's an ambitious and worthwhile project under way: the formation of an Episcopal 'middle' school for low-income children in the city of Boston.

A new web site has set as its goal the collecting of all relevant information about the
Anglican Church in Africa, which will be a most useful resource. We welcome the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Catedral da Santíssima Trindade) in the Diocese of Recife (Brazil), the cathedral church in the Diocese of Calgary, along with quite a few parish web sites in the USA.

Alas, St Ann's Episcopal Church, in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) was virtually destroyed in the violent tornados that state suffered a week or so ago. St David's Episcopal Church, a neighbouring parish, has set up a
small web page for the beleaguered church and will be glad to forward emails to St Ann's with your words of cheer and support. If you can, please remember the parish in your prayers, along with all who have suffered round the world from the effects of devastating weather.

Dear friends, I shall be taking a little fortnight's holiday from Anglicans Online and during my two Sundays away, you will be well looked after by Brian Reid, a fellow director in the
Society of Archbishop Justus and publisher of these web pages. Brian will be monitoring all the new URLs you send in, so don't think for a minute that any of Anglicans Online features will stop. You'll find his letter here on the next two Sundays. (Oh, one last thing: I shall still be reading email, so feel free to write me at the address below.)

Eastertide blessings to all of you. See you on the tenth of May.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 19 April 1998
URL: http://anglican.org/online