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Hallo again to all--it's lovely to be back with you.

Brian Reid, whom many of you have come to 'know' these last few weeks as he kindly subbed for me, will now oversee the News Centre of Anglicans Online. I think you'll like some of the features he's introducing. Although we scan the Net for news and keep tabs on stories that appear in mailing lists, we'll look to you, our far-flung readers, as well, so please do let us know of Anglican or Episcopal-related news stories you happen to come across.

Very recently John Paterson, Bishop of Auckland, was elected Primate and Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. He co-presides with the Bishop of Aotearoa, head of the Maori Church, and Bishop Jabez Bryce, head of the Polynesian Church. Bishop Paterson is head of the European Church as well as being overall primate. He remains Bishop of Auckland.

Jumping northward from New Zealand to Canada, General Synod is just about to get underway and the
synod's web site is in its final form. As well, there's a companion mailing list with the latest news. The web site reflects the possibilities for electronic communication at the highest levels of church governance: it's a delight to browse its many features.

Episcopal Media Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (long known as the originator of much that has been admirable in radio and television production for ECUSA) has a web site. I learnt there that National Public Radio offers, at no cost, an hour-long radio programme of choral evensong taped at various Episcopal parishes and cathedrals.

Whilst we're on media, the Church of England recently advertised widely in a variety of UK newspapers for volunteers to serve on a new 'Archbishops' Council'. Have a look at the advert and the approach and
see what you think. (And perhaps nominate yourself or someone else by the 15 June deadline.)

Does your parish need a bell? A church in South Dakota (USA) will auction a 32-inch bell, in use since 1910, on 13 June. It can be rung or tolled. If you'd rather not spend US $11,000 on a new bell (apparently the cost), ring
Vern Ochsner +1 605 437 2772 or Revd Robert C. Davis +1 605 437 2739 or email prcdrcus@valleytel.net to find out more.

If you're a parish priest, would you be interested in an exchange with a clergy person resident in the Diocese of Connecticut (ECUSA)? He is particularly keen on a stint in South Africa, the Seychelles, or Australia. Email
the Revd Mark Robinson for details.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 17 May 1998
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