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we receive each week we list here. We post two weeks' worth of rosters, cycling the old one off each week. You'll also find all the new URLs (except those referencing current stories in online newspapers) in their natural homes at Anglicans Online: General Resources, Youth pages, Music section, specific country sections.

Week of 7 June 1998

Queen's College, a theological college affiliated with Memorial University, St John's, Newfoundland --

'General Convention 2000' An informal venue for discussion of the 73rd General Convention to be held in Denver, Colorado, July 2000.

General Resources
Christians and Communications: a one-day conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in September 1998.

Preservation Press: classic Christian titles; web site includes online ordering --

News Centre
All these covered in our news area this week:
The Bishop of Newark (ECUSA) has called for what he terms a 'new Reformation'. The Bishop of Rochester (UK) responds to the challenge.

The Market Place: the Archbishop of Canterbury's idea for the Lambeth Conference.

The election of a bishop coadjutor for the Diocese of Newark (ECUSA).

A parish in the Diocese of Western Michigan copes with mishaps on Pentecost.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Chester: Congleton team parish, St Peter, St John, St Stephen, and Holy Trinity --

Diocese of the Holy Spirit --
Ecumenical Anglican Catholic Church --

Parishes (listed by state and then city, town, or village--not by diocese)
Georgia: Augusta, St Paul --
Maryland: Ellicott City, St Peter --
Wisconsin: River Hills, St Christopher --

Diocese of New Jersey --
Diocese of Southern Ohio --

New South Wales, Temora, St Peter --

Canberra Church of England Girls' Grammar School --

The Diocese of Kitakanto (only in Japanese) --

Two current openings for a youth ministers in ECUSA.
Happening : the national web site --

Week of 31 May 1998

Canada's General Synod is now concluded. You can read the reports at the same location that you read the ongoing coverage --

Joyful Praise, an Anglican worship team based in Oakville, Ontario --

Alberta: Calgary, Holy Trinity --

Nova Scotia: Liverpool, Trinity Parish, including Trinity Church in Liverpool, Grace Church in Western Head, and St. James' Church in Hunt's Point --

The oldest, and probably the largest and noisiest discussion list in the Anglican Communion, which was for many years known as "the Anglican list", has a new location at To subscribe, send an empty email to

General Resources

'The Jesus Page'. Ed Friedlander is a pathologist in the USA who runs the most successful medical help site on the Internet. He's also a very articulate Anglican who writes essays from time to time that are utterly uncategorizable and well worth reading. See the Jesus Page at

Lund Theological Books of Cambridge, England, new and used books. Their entire inventory is kept current online and is searchable on the web. URL is

O'siem, the Life and Faith Network: Since 1990, O'siem has been one of the longest running liberal ecumenical online communities. The web site features a variety of discussion groups, mailing lists, ecumenical resources --

We draw your attention to an interesting article in the May 1998 issue of
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine entitled "Developing Personal and Emotional Relationships Via Computer-Mediated Communication" --

The Order of St Augustine --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Lambeth Conference
'Official souvenirs' --

The Times takes a dim view: 'Mammon goes to Lambeth', an article in the 'Britain' section, 5 June 1998 (
see our page on how to read a story in the Times)

'Lambeth® Co-Marketing': a delightful spoof of the souvenirs --

English parishes (listed by county and then city, town or village, not by diocese)
Bedfordshire: Bedford, St Marks --

West Yorkshire: Northowram (Halifax), St Matthew --

Europe parishes
Lausanne, Christ Church --
Montreux, St John the Evangelist --

Australian parishes
New South Wales, Guyra, Anglican Parish of Guyra. Six rural churches in the Diocese of Armidale --

Meriden School is an Anglican School for Girls ranging in age from 4 to 18 years --

CRUMBS The online version of the Aotearoa New Zealand Youth Ministry Magazine --

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