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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Hallo again to all.

I thought, somewhat idly, that summer (well, summer here in the northern hemisphere) might bring a slight slowing of new web sites. I was proven quite wrong, as you'll see from
New This Week -- where there may be more links than ever in a single seven-day period, at least since I became editor in September 1997. With regard to links: I was quite startled to learn from our publisher that there are almost 4,800 here at Anglicans Online. Yikes! No wonder I sometimes forget what's where.

The Lambeth Conference is nearly upon us, and the Reverend June Maffin began, this spring, to write a brief prayer each Monday, which she calls the 'Lundi-Lambeth Prayers'. Read the background and find the collection here.

The American Fourth of July holiday might well be remembered in connexion with 'Old North' (
Christ Chrch) in Boston. But it's a lively parish in addition to being a significant historical monument; the Diocese of Massachusetts Episcopal Times story tells you more.

very interesting youth web sites popped up last week from Australia to Boston to Ely. St Mary's, Dorchester (Massachusetts, USA) Heavenly Fire Steel Band looks as if it could rev up just about any gathering. Whilst on music, the Anglican Church Music site is super, and well worth a visit.

And this week you can browse from amongst 25 or so new parish web pages and a web site for
Canterbury Cathedral. The parish of Holy Saviour in Nagano, Japan celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the web page explains how Internet communication figured into that happy occasion.

Last week we issued
a plea for enlightenment regarding the signers of the Kuala Lumpur statement. Aside from one post with some interesting observations (but not the list of signers), we've still no information. Once again, if you can assist, please let us know.

Forward Movement Publications (ECUSA) is in search of an Assistant Editor. For more information, contact the Revd Edward S. Gleason, editor and director, egleason@eos.net

See you next Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 21 June 1998
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