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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Hallo again to all. There are a variety of new sites and stories this week, and rather than imposing any sort of priority, I'll refer to several of the most interesting in no discernible order.

Some of you may know the wonderful service called
Oremus, a form of the daily office that can be sent every day to your email address. They've now a web site, where you can find out how to subscribe, learn about the sources of the readings, and read the daily prayers, and so on.

ECUSA's 1979 Book of Common Prayer in Hawaiian is now available on the web at Chad Wohler's comprehensive Book of Common Prayer site, and you can download the fonts as well. Skipping across the Atlantic, the Guildford Cathedral Choir has a super web site with RealAudio clips, discography, history, photos, comprehensive links and far more than I can do justice to here. Speaking of cathedrals, we welcome St Paul's Cathedral in Buffalo, New York.

There are all manner of news stories this week from around the Anglican world, so have a look at our
News Centre for the rundown or at New This Week for a very brief overview. And whilst on news, we were delighted to see the communications arm of the Diocese of Sydney develop a web site that looks quite ambitious, with plans to include news not only in the diocese, but regionally and nationally. There are press releases and telly media links there as well. (Now if the Diocese of Sydney itself would come on line...)

If you've not planned your holiday, you might like to consider what sounds like a lovely area of the South Carolina (USA) coast, where, in addition, to the geographical loveliness you can take part in what sounds a fascinating weekend retreat in mid-July called
'Soul Friends'. If you're not in the States, you might check the offerings at the Morley Retreat and Conference Centre (Diocese of Derby) in England; a lovely spot it looks, too.

We've listed a
full-time youth position at an Anglican parish in New Brunswick, Canada; if you don't fit the description--or do, but aren't interested in changing your job!--perhaps you can spread the word about this in your parishes and dioceses. You'll see in that section that there are still several youth positions available.

See you next Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 28 June 1998
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