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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Hallo again to all.

Most of us this week will be thinking of the
Lambeth Conference, which begins Saturday, 18 July. A repeat of our notice from last week: We think it appropriate to send greetings to the conference from readers of Anglicans Online. Have a look at what we've drawn up and if you feel so inclined (and we very much hope you do) please add your name. We'll format all your names into a printed document and send by express mail to the Archbishop of Canterbury, to arrive as the conference begins. If you have colleagues or friends who occasionally visit Anglicans Online, please encourage them to stop by in the next few days and to consider adding their names. We'll take signatures until 16 July, 1600 Hrs GMT. (We've been delighted at the names from round the world to date; thanks so much to all of you who have taken part thus far.)

We understand that there have been some last-minute changes in the arrangements of the Lambeth press office (there is nothing online we can point you to at the moment). Because of this,
the Society of Archbishop Justus (which had not previously planned to send a reporter to Lambeth because of the expense, the logistical difficulty, and the likelihood that a reporter might not have access to anything interesting) have decided to offer a Lambeth news stream. Speaking of news, we came across this 'Live BishopCam' announcement. Take that, CNN!

We welcome a new web site for the
Oratory of the Good Shepherd, an international community of Anglicans, ordained and lay, who share a common Rule of Life. From the web pages: 'Among its members have been Fr Alec Vidler, a noted liberal scholar, and Fr Eric Mascall, a more conservative Thomist, and many have wondered how such diverse people could exist in the same order, but this has been perfectly possible, given the breadth enjoined by the Notes, and the ideal of the Love that makes for Peace'.

New This Week, you'll see soon-to-occur events, one in Rochester (UK) with Bishops Lee and Spong and one in Boston (Massachusetts) sponsored by the Diocese of Massachusetts, on the death penalty and issues surrounding that. Do remember to check our conference section in General Resources for other gatherings of interest to Anglicans.

The Episcopal mailing list, begun as a small operation for people in the ECUSA dioceses of Washington DC and Virginia, has burgeoned and blossomed and flourished and now has a membership of about 120, who discuss a wide-range of Episcopal Church topics.

We've listed a new opening for a
youth minister at a parish in Barrington, Illinois; there are several positions available at present in various parishes.

And now, my dear friends, pray for the Lambeth Conference, for all the bishops and archbishops in this gracious, perplexing, joyful, exasperating, grace-filled branch of the Holy Catholic Church known as the
Anglican Communion.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 12 July 1998
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