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Hallo again, dear friends. Many thanks to all who signed our greeting to the Lambeth Conference. It was tremendously heartening to see enormous numbers of you from round the Anglican Communion agreeing with our sentiment. We hope the Archbishop of Canterbury, to whom the document will make its way, is impressed by the number of Anglicans routinely using the Internet to keep abreast of developments in our communion.

Lambeth Conference began on Saturday and this Sunday morning (19 July) the opening Eucharist at Canterbury Cathedral was attended by the Prince of Wales and televised on BBC 1. For the next three weeks whilst Lambeth is occurring, Anglicans Online have created a purpose-built page for the Lambeth Conference with all the best information we can find on the web. You'll find sections with links to news, general background, events, official sources, and brief comments on the sites. We hope you'll bookmark this page as your 'Conference Central' for the next three weeks. We are updating the Lambeth page every day, so perhaps you'll want to plan on visiting Anglicans Online more frequently than usual.

Since Lambeth is the story of the hour--and of the next weeks--activity in our
News Centre will diminish as we focus our energies on the Lambeth page. But parishes continue to come on line, happily, and other Anglican organisations and resources are bringing up web pages even whilst Lambeth is happening. Our New This Week section gives you the run down. We notice particularly the evening with Dr David Gitari, Archbishop of Kenya (if you're round Cambridge, England, you might want to attend) and the interesting and comprehensive collection of information and data about living bishops in the Episcopal Church in the USA. The web page for the organisation devoted to scholarly study of mission activities is well worth having a look at. And we couldn't help but smile at the web site devoted to Christian tat.

See you next week. Keep the conference in your prayers.

Cynthia McFarland

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