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Hallo again, dear friends.

Of course most attention is on the Lambeth Conference, so you'll find our News Centre rather bare of Anglican news this week, but our
purpose-built page for the Lambeth Conference is filled with news stories, links, and all the best information we can find on the web. We hope you'll bookmark this page as your 'Conference Central' until the end of the conference, on 9 August. We're updating the section every day (whew), so perhaps you'll want to plan on visiting us more frequently than usual.

Between summer holidays in the northern hemisphere and the Lambeth Conference, notices bringing new web pages to our attention are a bit fewer than usual. But there are some interesting parish sites that have come on line in the past week. And we're always pleased to see dioceses developing a web site; with that in mind, we welcome the
Diocese of Worcester. Our New This Week section gives you the run down.

We bring you this note from the
Society of Archbishop Justus, trustees of the anglican.org Internet domain:

'Just in time for the second week of the Lambeth conference, a new home page for ANGLICAN.ORG has been published; see http://anglican.org The early versions of the ANGLICAN.ORG homepage were oriented towards people wanting to make web pages. Over the last year or two, the people who visited were looking for information about a church and not so much for information about the use of a technology in a church.So, in an ambitious year-long project, the Society of Archbishop Justus rewrote the entire homepage to better meet people's expectations'.

Do have a look for yourself to see why it's an improvement. We note with pleasure that it's an extremely comprehensive site, with everything from pages on the governance of the church and an explanation of the anglican.org domain to definitions of common Anglican terms, links to all official web pages, and a primer on what makes a good diocesan or parish web site. I rather suspect you'll want to bookmark http://anglican.org.

See you next week. Pray for our bishops.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 26 July 1998
URL: http://anglican.org/online/