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It was a delight to provide you all with extensive daily updates of the Lambeth Conference, this once-in-every-ten-years gathering, but it rather wore us out (as you might suspect). We're taking today off, but promise to be back with you next Sunday, 16 August, with all manner of interesting links and web sites. If you submitted a URL in the last week, don't fret, it's not forgotten.

A hearty thanks to all for your patronage during Lambeth: We averaged about 11,000 hits per day and we're honoured by all that represents.

We'll leave up our
Lambeth page for several weeks and continue to update it with any Lambeth-related news we find on the Internet. We understand that the full texts of every resolution should be available sometime this week, and we'll link this as soon as we know the URL.

Last week I wrote this: 'Many of you will have heard or read references to the
'Kuala Lumpur Statement' and some of you may recall that we enquired a month or so ago whether anyone could provide us the names of the signers of that document. Our research into the statement and its background have proved to be a fascinating story, and next week we'll bring you the results of our investigation. I think you'll find it most interesting.' Simon Sarmiento, our UK-Europe editor and onsite Lambeth reporter, has summarised the results in his news release.

(Are you a first-time visitor? This letter would normally contain highlights of the Anglican-related sites we've linked in the past week, but as you read, we're taking a holiday. We welcome you and invite you to explore the more than 4,000 links here already. We almost always update Anglicans Online every Sunday night, US Eastern time.)

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 9 August 1998
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