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Hallo again to all. It's hard to believe I've not written this letter for three Sundays, but harder still to believe that it was just a year ago that we assumed oversight of Anglicans Online after Tod Maffin retired from his years of service as founder and managing editor. Tempus really does fugit!

It's a delight to see
York Minster online, with a a very professional web site. The virtual tour is one of the best we've seen; the graphics load delightfully quickly. A timeline, interactive games for children, and a full roster of times, email contacts, and events round out a very complete site. Well done! A hearty welcome as well to the Diocese of London, coming on line with what looks to be a very comprehensive and useful site. Do notice the quiet whimsy of the navigational icons.

Moving to the States, the
Diocese of Central New York is one of the first to put diocesan parish and professional openings officially online, with comprehensive information about those openings. If you are aware of other diocese listing parish vacancies and other positions within the diocese, please bring them to our attention. Many of you may be familiar with The Anglican Digest (TAD) the small-in-size paper magazine published six times a year in Hillspeak, Arkansas. They've finally got a web site, but alas it has none of the charm of the magazine itself. We'll cross our fingers that it may in the future. The Anglican Bookstore, managed by the publishers of TAD, also has a web site (but no online ordering, sigh).

We have several new Lambeth links, including
an invitation for you to submit your Lambeth perspectives and impressions to official Anglican publications. Our friends at Ship of Fools have published a sobering essay called 'Bishops Behaving Badly'. Terence Finlay, the Bishop of Toronto, offers his view on those days in August. You'll see that we're beginning to find Anglican-but-not-Lambeth-related stories, which we feature in our News Centre (virtually dormant during the conference).

Office of General Convention (ECUSA) is seeking nominations for some critical national boards and committees; the elections will be held in Denver in 2000 during the next General Convention, but the deadline for the nominations themselves is 1 December.

Two religious orders have web sites, the
Community of Saint John the Baptist for women and an Anglican Franciscan order for men in Korea. A number of parishes are online; we particularly enjoyed browsing St John's in Tallahassee, Florida. We pulled together a small collection of good links for those of you developing parish or diocesan web pages, including a link to page that outlines the common mistakes you should avoid.

Thank you all for making my last year as managing editor of Anglicans Online one of the most rewarding of my life. Your messages, comments, praise (and sometimes perhaps-deserved criticism), links, and suggestions have made me come to feel I know you. And at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning when I'm usually writing this letter, that's a most welcome feeling.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated:13 September 1998
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