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Hallo again to all.

Lots of new sites this week, including several dioceses in the American Midwest (
Michigan, Ohio, Southern Ohio) as well as the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles in Scotland, which encompasses the holy island of Iona. There are also several charming parish web sites, including a slew of UK parishes, for you to explore. (Most of the URLs came from our diligent and indefatigable personal parish web searcher -- thanks, Michel.)

We rather like the
several seconds of the parish bells at Holy Saviour parish in Waterloo, Canada, which you may listen to if you wish. (I am firmly on the 'No Enforced Piped-in Music, Please' side for web sites.) Speaking of music, can you imagine saying 'Anglican, Celtic, and rock' in the same sentence? Or on the same CD? A parish in Toronto has managed just that. As long as we're looking at parish achievements, St Peter's Church in Nottingham, England, puts up -- every month! -- a fabulous parish magazine on the web. The webmaster notes: 'These pages are best viewed with your computer turned on, a glass of your favourite beverage in hand, and a Herbert Howells CD playing. It helps if you have "Arial" and "Comic Sans MS" fonts installed, but any old browser will do'.

Brian Reid, my splendid and sporting colleague who filled in for me last week on a moment's notice, tonight is on an aeroplane and thus quite justly unable to cover the
News Centre. I've rounded up a few stories in his absence, from frumpy cassocks in the Greek Orthodox Church to the sadness of continuing lines drawn by the Roman Church.

In our
New This Week section, under General Resouces, we note with pleasure that the book store and resource centre at ECUSA's national church headquarters is online. The page noting authors' appearances might interest those of you in the area.

'Hikoi of Hope' of the of the Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, just now ended, was a pilgrimage called by the bishops at the last Synod. For the past month people walked from all corners of the country towards Wellington to draw attention to the increasing poverty and to what many see as declining social conditions in the Land of the Long White Cloud. See the comprehensive web page for more information on this moving initiative.

We're brooding about an interesting post we received. The gist: 'Your 'New This Week' page is a good idea, but only highlights sites that are starting out. Can I suggest that you start a page called something like 'Well-Kept Sites', which lists those parish sites which have evolved beyond a simple list of clergy and service times? You could maybe run competitions for 'best-kept site of the month' which would keep us all on our toes!' So.
What do you think? We'll gather opinions and publish the results. If we go ahead with it, we might need to bring on board another volunteer to administer this section, so consider raising your hand in an email.

Six out of ten Canadians say religion is an important part of their lives (Angus-Reid poll) and more than six million attend religious services every week (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs). Sixty-five percent of these think the media do a poor job of covering faith and religion. Canada's 19 largest daily newspapers employ five full-time religious writers compared to 76 full-time sports reporters. If you have opinions or stories about how the Canadian media covered -- or failed to cover -- a religious issue or event, please email Suzanne King, who is writing an article about the Canadian media's coverage of religion:
suzanne@symposiad.com (To whon thanks for the stats above.)

And from another email: 'Has anybody seen a transcription of any or all of the Book of Common Prayer into the PalmPilot Doc format?' Well,
confess if you have! We'll not only pass the information on to the enquirer, but publicise it here as well. (Maybe not in PalmPilot Doc format...)

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 4 October 1998
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