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Hallo again, and a blessed All Saints Sunday to our readers.

Many have heard of the appalling destruction of Honduras by hurricane Mitch. The bishop of
Honduras, the Rt Revd Leo Frade, has written a moving letter about the state of his country. Please keep this horribly battered area in your prayers. (Note: An update from Bishop Frade on 3 November 1998.)

Happier news is the
consecration of the first Archbishop of Hong Kong. We linked news and reports last Sunday, the day of his installation, but some of you may not have seen those, so I draw your attention to them again.

Do you think the Church of England is dull? The Archbishop of York does, and spoke his mind on the subject, which was reported widely in the English press on Sunday. Speaking of news, Brian Reid, News Centre editor, is tonight on a 'plane on his way to attend some ECUSA meetings on the subject of communication in the church, so our news section is not quite as full as normal and links are listed only in New This Week. Brian will return next Sunday, but asked me to mention that he feels badly that his thoughts about the consecration of the Archbishop of Hong Kong seemed to upset some people. He certainly had no intention of belittling anyone and believes it was his lack of understanding of the situation in Hong Kong that contributed to the misunderstanding.

The eve of All Saints brings with it a spectral atmosphere, and although it is common enough for ancient churches in the British Isles to be haunted, one doesn't normally think of that occurring in a wholesome place like Kansas City. Well, have a look at the story about
St Mary's Episcopal Church and its troubled rector and see what you think. By the way, for some reason entirely lost to me, when in my 'teens, I read the late 1940s best-selling novel based very loosely on that rector's life. Virtually the only thing I recall is that the woman in the story who passes for the heroine learnt that if she wanted to compose her features into something resembling piety during prayer, she should silently pronounce the word 'limb' and thus achieve the effect! (I must admit never having tried this...)

Meanwhile, results are apparently being had from the
Church of England's latest ad campaign. CBC news reports on this and you'll need a Real Audio player (free download at the CBC site) to get the most out of the story. Strangely, we couldn't find references in the British online press to this campaign Do send us URLs if you know of any.

We often complain of the 'dumbing down' of complex ideas and concepts in the late 1990s. Today, wandering by boxes of books packed up for disposal from my parish library, I was startled to see what appeared to be a
1950s detective-genre paperback. Quite hilariously, it is an historical novel ('expertly abridged') by one Jan Westcott on the life and times of Francis Stewart Hepburn, son of Mary Queen of Scots and her last husband, the fourth Earl of Bothwell. This 1956 attempt to make 16th-century Scottish history alluring--'A lusty brawling tempestuous tale of a lusty, brawling exciting time in Scottish history'--is wildly funny. James VI is described thus: 'Scotland's 25-year-old King is timid and weak and easily led. His subjects say when he isn't hunting or drinking he is asleep...' The cover of this potboiler? That's Bothwell and Ann Galbraith, just in case you didn't recognise them.

For a last bit of fun, see what you make of the
Bible in 50 words or less.

Finally, can anyone confirm the source of
this supposed quotation from Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey? It's charming, but the language seems remarkably contemporary.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 1 November 1998
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