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Hallo again to all, as we draw nearer to Advent Sunday.

If your diocese or parish produces web pages or develops online resources for the season of Advent, do
let us know so we can include those on our Advent resources page, which we'll upload at the beginning of, yes, Advent.

During the Lambeth Conference you probably heard various figures bandied about, all purporting to be the actual number of members in the Anglican Communion. What is the numerical truth? A new (to us) web site, devoted to
tracking membership numbers of the world's religions, provides a good starting place. It's a thorough and well-linked site.

Original sources in religious history -- particularly Anglican history -- can sometimes be elusive on the web. Have a look at this
handsome and impressively comprehensive site devoted to Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. You may not think you're interested, but I suspect you'll spend far longer exploring round than you may have imagined.

The appalling loss of life and property damage suffered by Honduras and other Central American countries has been much on all our minds. We have
links to letters from Bishop Leo Frade of Honduras and some recent photos taken by an American Episcopalian who was in the country during the hurricane. We also bring to your attention a heartfelt request for vestments and altar vessels for Honduras. Please see what you might find in your parish's sacristy or cupboard that is no longer needed.

We're delighted to share with you a bit from The Canberra Times (Australia) brought to our attention by an Australian reader. It's a snippet from 'Dear Madge', a question-and-answer feature, rather like the 'Dear Abby' column in the States. How many times do you think there's been a question about being pressured by one's boyfriend to become Anglican?
Read the full story here. You might find yourself chortling and weeping at the same time.

Last week we asked whether anyone could confirm whether
this was said by Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey? No one step forward to do so. So attribute to Wolsey at your own intellectual risk.

We read this email query recently: 'My parents' Methodist congregation now puts the
real-time audio of their Sunday worship services on the Internet. Does any Anglican or Episcopalian church?' Hmm. In my search (albeit cursory) I found religious audio ranging from Talkin' Dawgs sermons to the 'Theological Seminar of the Air - Bible Topics taught by a man once rated the 10th smartest men in the world' (sic). Surely we Anglicans should be able to manage streaming audio of the boys choir at St-Swithin's-in-the-Bog?

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 8 November 1998
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