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Hallo again to all.

The Ship of the Fens,
Ely Cathedral, has launched a lovely new web site, as has a slightly larger entity, the Province of Canada, putting online a most useful set of web pages.

We've posted two new youth positions, which you'll find in
New This Week and also in our Youth section (where they will remain for a time, as you'll see from some of the other openings). If your parish or diocese has a youth ministry position to fill, do let us know. We'll advertise it happily.

For those of you who wish to continue to monitor the disastrous situation in Honduras, please bookmark
this page. You'll find good links and information there (along with some astounding photos).

Many who would classify themselves as Anglo-Catholic today may be unaware of the long tradition of social justice that has been interwoven with it.
This site gives you an idea of the people, parishes, and initiatives behind the fascinating history.

Occasionally between a couple or within a family there are allegiances to both the Roman Catholic and Anglican Communions. An organization--
Association of Interfaith Families--was founded in the UK some 25 years ago to assist with that. The resources include a mailing list and lots of good links.

This week Brian Reid has pulled together a full roster of articles in the
News Centre, which, in their resplendent variety, defy categorisation. His brief precis before each one will give you a clear idea of whether you want to read, for example, about polyester vestments in Birmingham--or not.

A corespondent would very much like a name and contact information--or ideally email address--for any Anglican who may have served (or may know someone who served) in the Diocese of Colombo (Sri Lanka) in a missionary capacity before World War II. He has a fascinating enquiry about children's literature and what may possibly be an almost-lost book, which this person might be able to help find.
Email us here at Anglicans Online if you can help with this; even the slimmest bit of information would be useful.

Speaking of children's books, noted author
Madeleine L'Engle ('A Wrinkle in Time' and many others) was interviewed this weekend on the US's National Public Radio. If you have Real Audio on your computer, you might find this almost ten-minute interview absorbing. Ms L'Engle recalls a lovely story about a Rabbinical student and the Book of Deuteronomy, which we'd never heard before and found heartbreakingly lovely. (If you don't have Real Audio, email us and we'll send you the story.)

We note with pleasure web pages for
St Andrew's, Moscow and the interesting history of the Church of England in South Africa. (Some people report having difficulty seeing anything at all on the St Andrew's home page. If you don't see anything after clicking the above link, try this one.)

Finally, we repeat our announcement of last week: If your diocese or parish produces web pages or develops online resources for the season of Advent, do
let us know so we can include those on our Advent resources page, which we'll upload at the beginning of, yes, Advent.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 15 November 1998
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