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The Society of Archbishop Justus, Ltd

Hallo again, dear friends, at the gate of the season of Advent. We include this week our page of Advent resources, which we hope you'll find useful. If you can add to it, do!

Church House Publishing, the official publishing arm of the Church of England, has what must be called an entirely new web site. (There was an earlier iteration, but it almost doesn't count.) The new site is fast loading and efficiently structured: you cam browse, seach, purchase online, and even sample some of their offerings before you buy. Well done! (Surely there is some Church of England priest who would like Crockford for Christmas...)

Speaking of publishing, we welcome
The Witness, now online. The Witness is a monthly magazine, begun in 1917, that tackles issues of social justice in the church and the world. It's closely affiliated with ECUSA, although has no official connection whatsoever to it. Many subscribers know that Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann, co-editor of the magazine since 1991, has been beset by some quite awful health problems. We're pleased that she'll be keeping her friends informed through updates on the web site.

We welcome two St Thomas parishes this week, one in
Georgia and one on Fifth Avenue in New York. (.com and .org) And we were quite taken with the web site of St Gregory of Nyssa parish in San Francisco, California, that seems to radiate energy, enthusiasm, and grace. Four parishes from England, one from Ireland, and a few more from the States complete the roster.

Brian Reid and I have concluded that this week's
News Centre probably lists the most news stories to date. But Brian will say more about that.

(Indeed I will.) There is a synod happening over there in the mother country, but you couldn't tell it from reading the official news sources. Much of the blizzard of news stories this week is generated from, in, or because of the Church of England synod. The contrast between the incredible manipulation of the media during Lambeth and the ignoring of it now is quite extraordinary. We learned about the consecration of a new bishop in Liverpool first from Ship of Fools (I'm not going to put a link to it here; you'll have to go to the News Centre to find it).

See you next week, on Advent Sunday.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 22 November 1998
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