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ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We post two weeks' worth of rosters, cycling the old one off each week. You'll also find all the new URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online; e.g., General Resources, Youth pages, Music section, specific country sections.

Week of 22 November 1998

Advent resources
Our seasonal page with Advent resources and links. Submit your site or a site you find in your web browsing.

Anglican Church of Canada dioceses with webpages, an unofficial but complete listing of provinces and dioceses, on one page --

For friends and fans of David Virtue's reporting, a new mailing list called -- wait for it -- Virtuosity.

General Resources
Church House Publishing: a completely revamped site that qualifies as new. The official publisher to the Church of England General Synod, they also publish a wide range of educational material for churches and schools' --

The Reverend Richard Fairchild's comprehensive 'Sermon and Lectionary Resources' --

The Poetry Church, 'evangelising through Christian art, literature and music, through our publications and quarterly Christian poetry magazine' --

'The Witness' Magazine: Since 1917, a feisty monthly tackling social justice issues in the Episcopal Church USA and the world --

News Centre
There is a lot of Anglican news this week, reported in the News Centre. A good portion of it comes from the Chuch of England Synod (though you'd never know they were having a synod if you used their web page as a source of information). Other articles include: Another chapter in the Abbey Story. A memorial service for the homeless. It is still forbidden to covet your neighbor's slaves. Consecration and collapse of bishops. An idea for preventing England from descending into paganism. A stern talking-to about the fate of debtor nations. Better marketing comes to the graveside. The US Lutheran church (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) tries again on the Concordat.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Dickleburgh: All Saints --
Lincoln (Birchwood): St Luke and St Martin
Matlock: Saint Giles Church (Matlock Parish Church) --
York: St Michael-le-Belfry --

Donegore (near Belfast): The United Parishes of Donegore and Templepatrick --

California: St Gregory of Nyssa --
Georgia: Columbus, St Thomas --
Iowa: Sioux City, Calvary --
New York: New York, St Thomas Fifth Avenue --
Washington: Tacoma, St Andrew --


St Stephen the Martyr, Edina, Minnesota, USA, have two youth ministry positions open. Details here.

Week of 15 November 1998

Province of Canada: One of four provinces in the Anglican Church of Canada, the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada currently includes seven dioceses: Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton, Nova Scotia, Western Newfoundland, Central Newfoundland and Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador ... As a province within the national Anglican Church of Canada, we are analogous to the provinces of Canterbury or York in England, or the several provinces within the Episcopal Church USA. We believe that we are the first such province to launch a web site.' --

'Teens Encounter Christ: Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador --

Association of Interfaith Families mailing list: for couples, partners, and families who have members within both the Roman Catholic and Anglican Communions --

General Resources
Alliance of Lesbian and Gay Anglicans, 'working for the unconditional inclusion and full participation of lesbian and gay people in every facet of the Church's life throughout the Anglican Communion' --

Anglican delegates to the World Council of Churches (roster courtesy of Dr Louie Crew) --

'Anglo-Catholic Socialism', a collection ot links and original resources --

Association of Interfaith Families, established more than 25 years ago in England, by a Roman Catholic-Anglican couple. A splendid resource for couples, partners, families who have members within both the Roman Catholic and Anglican Communions --

'Dry Bones Ministry provides a lay-prepared, twice-weekly meditation designed to encourage the Christian in his or her walk with God' --

Madeleine L'Engle: National Public Radio's Margo Adler interviews the well-known Episcopal author (RealAudio) --


Lambeth comments from Bishop Swing of California --

News Centre
Polyester and wool vestments in Birmingham, spin doctors and sermons, a new bishop in Chicago, the Westminster Abbey saga -- it's all in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
Church of England in South Africa --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Ely: Ely Cathedral --

Kent: Whitstable Team Ministry --

Russa: Moscow, St Andrew --

The Pilgrims Association, 'a forum for cathedrals and churches, and to help those within them who have responsibility for the care visitors, tourists and pilgrims' --

Diocese of South Dakota --
Diocese of Western North Carolina -- http://wnc.anglican,org

California: Corona Del Mar, St Michael and All Angels --
Indiana: Indianapolis, St Matthew --


ECUSA calendar, with an 'add-your-event' feature and a custom search for particular events --

The Diocese of Kansas is looking for a full-time director of diocesan youth ministry. The search committee
(includes active teens -and there is a the job descriptions. Contact the diocese for more information --

St Peter's Church in Talladega, Alabama is looking for a youth minister. They say: 'We are not a large parish but we are committed to maintaining an active youth ministry. We will accept inquiries from both male and female, clergy and lay. We work closely with those of other denominations in our town, a growing small city less than an hour from Birmingham and about 1 and 1/2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia'. Contact Bob Blackwell+, St. Peter's Church, PO Box 206, Talladega, Alabama, 35161, USA, 'phone +1 256 363 2505

Anglican delegates to the World Council of Churches (listing courtesy of Louie Crew) --

Honduras disaster web site, for updates, photos, and ways to help --

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