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Hallo again to all at the end of this Advent Sunday.

This is a very full week at Anglicans Online, beginning with
masses of English parish web sites (thanks, Michel), which we hope you'll enjoy browsing. Many English parishes of course predate the first Book of Common Prayer, whose 450th anniversary will be celebrated in 1999. The Anglican Society has a roster of 1549 BCP-related activities, and part of that is a survey of prayer book collections round the world. The First Act of Uniformity 1549 (2 & 3 Edward VI, c. 1), just online, is of particular interest now. We encourage you to bookmark the canonlaw.anglican.org site for a superb set of links and references to critical documents throughout the Anglican Communion. I can spend hours browsing here, and I am not a canonist by training or temperament.

The a good deal of the sixteenth century was a time of considerable turmoil, and the latest apology from the Roman Catholic Church will focus on
Mary Tudor's cruel activities. A new film, 'Elizabeth', which opened recently in the States, portrays Mary Tudor as a quite dreadfully unsympathetic creature; her half-sister Elizabeth fares far better.

Staying with the Church of England for the moment, the
official Church of England web site is at last in place. Have a look and see what you think. The Church of England Synod just concluded, and Matthew Hunt (a member of the House of Laity) has provided one of his invaluable overviews.

Over to Brian.

This week's News Centre is once again bulging with stories, and you should go
take a look. Several of the stories involve New Zealand, so I found myself spending a lot of time looking around New Zealand media and web sites this week, trying to understand the big picture. All of my attempts to write a big unifying news story failed, but on this first Sunday of Advent, a new beginning in our life together as Christians, pieces fell into place for me and I ended up writing a long, very personal interpretation of the Hikoi of Hope. Before you decide that it's completely silly for a Californian who hasn't been in New Zealand in 12 years to write an interpretation of an NZ political event, please take a look.

Cynthia returns to end this letter with news of Anglican music on the Internet.
St Mark's Cathedral (in the Diocese of Olympia, Washington State, USA) offers their Compline service live each Sunday at 9.30pm* Pacific Time through RealAudio on radio station KING-FM (follow the RealAudio link). An organ programme, 'Organ Loft', follows this on the Internet, and often features the cathedral organ. And the choir of St Barnabas, Dulwich (England) is a superb group of musicians whose artistry you can sample on several generous offerings on RealAudio. I became lost in the beauty of their sound and was moved by the story of the rebirth of the parish after a devastating fire in 1992 that completely destroyed the church.

As I listened to the St Barnabas choir sing the
beautiful Bruckner motet, Locus iste a Deo factus est (This place was built by God) at the dedication of the new St Barnabas church, I mused that here at Anglicans Online, without steel, concrete, or any architectural materials known hitherto to humankind, we're also trying to build a place that honours God and brings comfort and cheer and a sense of connexion to our Anglican brothers and sisters. Esto perpetuo.

See you next week, on the Second Sunday of Advent.

Cynthia McFarland


Brian Reid

*I am listening to it as I write this letter (12.32am Eastern Time)

Last updated: 29 November 1998
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