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Hallo again to all.

Many of you no doubt read--or at least skimmed--
resolutions from the 1998 Lambeth Conference. But until now there was no easy way to review the resolutions passed at other Lambeth Conferences. Now online are the resolutions of every Lambeth Conference from the first, in 1867. I lost much time browsing amongst them. But oh! for an index ...

Diocese of Montreal continues its good service in providing commentaries on the Revised Common Lectionary, now in French; they have been hitherto available in English and Portuguese. The diocesan press release, with links to all the referenced sites, is most informative.

We happened upon some web pages for the
Clergy Appointments Adviser in the UK, which set out the duties of that office and, inter alia, general guidelines for ordained persons seeking positions in the Church of England. There is a downloadable Church of England Common Application Form, and what appears at the moment to be a small list of vacancies. it might be a useful site to keep an eye on.

Church of the Advent in Boston, Massachusetts is an Anglo-Catholic parish whose attention to liturgy is much admired. A guide to the Advent's solemn high mass will interest many.

Brian Reid has assembled for you another comprehensive roster of Anglican-related news stories round the world. For a quick overview, see
our 15-second table of contents in New This Week or pop directly over to the News Centre for the details. And remember: if you read an Anglican- or Episcopal-related story in your local online newspaper, do let us know. We do our best to be diligent in finding what's out there, but we look to you for assistance.

We have had an enquiry about whether there is available on the Internet any medical discussion about the practise of taking communion from the common chalice as opposed to intinction. If you do know of studies, papers, or links,
please let us know.

Last week I mentioned a
site that broadcast Compline in RealAudio, and gave the local times for that programme. If you'd ever like to translate a local time or perhaps just track the passing of time round the Anglican Communion, have a look at this most helpful web site.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland


Last updated: 6 December 1998
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