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Hallo again, dear friends, as we draw near to the birth of Our Lord. We anticipate Christmas in this letter, as we shall take a holiday next Sunday and be back with you on 3 January 1999.

Christmas Eve is often a time when millions round the world switch on their radios or telly for the annual
Festival of Lessons and Carols from the Choir of King's College, Cambridge. You can have an advanced look at the programme and check in a bit later in the week on the Minnesota Public Radio site, the radio host of the festival. (I confess I can't remember whether it was broadcast on the Net last year.)

The Anglican Church of Canada was out scouting for
Christmas on the Internet, and came up with a splendid roster of sites. Have a look at the collection and their mini-reviews.

The brand new province of
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui is on the web, in both Chinese and English, and amongst other things, has a comprehensive list of all its parishes, with rectors, vicars, service times, and contact telephone numbers, a splendid service for all who are living or travelling in that part of the world.

Two new resources were brought to our attention--
one Canadian-focussed and one international--that will particularly interest gay and lesbian Anglicans.

You'll find all our recent URLS in
New This Week.

Over to Brian for his recap of this week's Anglican news.

Here at the end of Advent, the world's Anglicans are rightfully focusing on preparing for the arrival of Jesus and not on making news. This is good, but it makes for a dry week in the News Centre. We are almost at the end of the Westminster Abbey organist affair. Bishop McAdoo of Dublin has died. The BBC has answered +St Albans, and the Archbishop of Canterbury has sent us all a Christmas Message. The Times (London) is complaining that Christmas is becoming too commercial (a good thing it is that they haven't seen the
Gadgets for God listing at Ship of Fools). My throat is a little sore from singing so many verses of O Come O Come Emmanuel, and I've taken to putting a few drops of oil of myrrh here and there around my house.

All of us here at Anglicans Online wish each of you a blessed and joyful Christmas. See you on 3 January 1999, the second Sunday after Christmas.

Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

Simon Sarmiento

Last updated: 20 December 1998
URL: http://anglican.org/online