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Hallo again to all, in this new year of 1999. Although most of us follow the rhythm of the church's year, we can't but be aware of the temporal calendar as well. Nodding for a moment to that calendar, we send greetings to each of you. May God watch over and protect this part of the Holy Catholic Church called 'The Anglican Communion'.

Not surprisingly, it's been rather quiet here at Anglicans Online throughout the holidays. We note the appearance on the web of two dioceses, the
Diocese of Lincoln in England and the Diocese of Edmonton in Canada. A number of parishes gave themselves a Christmas gift of a web site, and we've listed those in New This Week.

Two bits of choir news: the
choir of Canterbury Cathedral is touring the states in April and have a web site devoted to that tour. And the choir of St John the Baptist Cathedral of the Diocese of Newfoundland is online (but, alas, not yet the diocese itself). The cathedral is the oldest parish in Canada, soon to celebrate its 300th anniversary.

Speaking of time, our own Brian Reid,
News Centre editor and Anglicans Online publisher, has reflected on its ways in a not-very-Anglican essay. He found an extra second between 1998 and 1999, and as Anglicans Online's computer network expert, he had to deal with it.

A correspondent completing a master's dissertation on Readers would value email contacts with people who are either Readers or members of a C of E congregation with experience of the same. Email
Mike Cranston if you can assist.

Another correspondent sent news of a three-manual console pipe organ on offer, 'which would be completely rebuilt and designed to be custom fit into the new space'. The organ is from one Upsala College; it was purchased at auction when the college went bankrupt. The instrument carries a ten-year warranty. The original price was USD 500,000. 'Resale price is less than half and negotiable'. For more detail, email

We are ruminating about some of the plans we have for this year. They include a redesign (gasp) of the Anglicans Online site, a search engine (yes!), and a section on our favourite sites. We hope you'll like our 'To Do' list. If you have ideas or suggestions for what you'd like to see,
send us an email.

Thanks to the many of you who sent Christmas greetings to us and expressed your appreciation for Anglicans Online. We're most grateful.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 3 January 1999
URL: http://anglican.org/online