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Hallo again to all. It has been a week of finishing up unfinished news business and tidying various files.

The Churches Advertising Network, an ecumenical initiative based in the UK, have launched a controversial 1999 Easter campaign. We cover the story in our
News Centre. If adverts are designed to 'break through the clutter', surely this one has succeeded very well indeed.

The business of Westminster Abbey and the dispute between its dean and organist was settled in law not long ago. We have reported on it several times. We raise the issue this one last time because we have obtained a copy of the complete text of the
decision of Lord Jauncey. If you're not familiar with the broad outlines of the situation, start here with our overview, with its many links to key sources of information.

Wippell, 'service to church and clergy since 1789', have a web site for their USA branch. Whilst there is some good information there, the online ordering is most confusing, some of the scanned magazine graphics enormous, and there is by no means an entire catalogue on the site. (For those of you with fairly high-speed Internet connections, have a look at this promotion page with its oddly-scanned graphic showing the folds from when it was put in someone's pocket. What is that clergyman pointing to? How should this photo be captioned? Oh, sorry, we're sounding like Ship of Fools ...)

For those of you who use Celebrating Common Prayer, the
1999 CCP Ordo is online, courtesy of our own Simon Sarmiento. It follows the new Church of England calendar and is a most useful resource.

June Maffin, a priest in Canada (and mother of Anglicans Online founder
Tod Maffin), has begun a web site for 'Total Ministry' resources, after discovering virtually no information on the Internet. (Not sure about the term 'Total Ministry'? You may recognise it as Baptismal Ministry, Collaborative Ministry, Mutual Ministry, Local Ministry, Total Common Ministry.)

All new sites and links are, as usual, featured in
New This Week, as regular visitors to Anglicans Online will know.

A correction: Last week we located St John the Baptist Cathedral in the mythical Diocese of Newfoundland, when it is actually in the
Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, which has just come on line. (Here's a visual of the dioceses in Canada, and you'll see just how Newfoundland is divided.) As is said in the trade, Anglicans Online regret the error. Next week we will quiz you on the location of the equally-mythical Diocese of Vancouver.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 10 January 1999
URL: http://anglican.org/online