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Hallo again to all.

Even if your Spanish isn't quite up to the mark, you might like to visit a new site from Paraguay, in the province
Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sud de las Americas. Anglicanos en la Red serves as a source of information about the Anglican Church and promotes greater harmony between historically sectarian churches; the Roman Catholic-Evangelical divide is still very strong in that part of the world. And the site tackles ever-present misconceptions, such as Henry VIII founding the Anglican Church. A rough translation of the pages can be done using Altavista's translation service. The webmaster cautions that 'it translates "red" as network. for example, when it should be net--the Lord's (fishing) net!"'

It isn't surprising that countries with more developed technology dominate the Internet and thus predominate on Anglicans Online, but this makes it difficult for us to be able to bring you news from around the Anglican Communion. An invitation from us to you: If you are reading this and are from a part of the communion where Anglican news and web pages are scarce, would you consider sending us
email reports from time to time? Those could be about what is occurring in your parish or diocese, Anglican perspectives on local news, whatever you think might interest Anglicans round the world. We'd be happy to format your email reports for the web and link them here at Anglicans Online. And we'll happily commission anyone who periodically sends us news 'An Official Anglicans Online Roaming Reporter'. (Better title to come...)

There is some groundbreaking news from England about the
possibility of a multi-faith coronation service for the next monarch, and in the News Centre we have assembled several links to this. Brian Reid, our editor, reports on a number of other stories as well, but these rather pale in significance.

You may recall that last week we reported on the UK's Church Advertising Network's provocative Easter advert campaign. Here is a
link to the actual poster, which wasn't available last Sunday. For those just catching up, you can reference the story here.

The Ecclesiastical Law Society of America was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in December 1998. The incorporators 'hope that it will be a resource and means of communications for all chancellors and other interested persons in the Episcopal Church, and is meant to parallel the Ecclesiastical Law Society which has existed in the British Isles for several years'. If you've not visited the Anglican Canon Law site, you'll might like to. There is a wealth of information that will interest many of us who are not canonists.

The Welsh parish of
Llandwrog and Llanwnda has an informative and helpful web site, which contains one of the most interesting histories we've read. Even without pictures, it's delightful.

Speaking of parishes, if you are in Canada, has your parish copies of the 1962 edition of the Book of Common Prayer? A correspondent would like to purchase about 100 and would pay for the post. If you can help, email
Gary Freeman.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 17 January 1999
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