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ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We post two weeks' worth of rosters, cycling the old one off each week. You'll also find all the new URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online; e.g., General Resources, Youth pages, Music section, specific country sections.

Week of 17 January 1999

Ontario: Hamilton, St James the Apostle --
Quebec: Montreal, Mission du Grand Berger --

Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movement --

General Resources
The Churches Advertising Network Easter 1999 campaign -- (Additional links to the recent controversy in England over the use of a picture of Che Guevara to represent Christ in the News Centre.)

Ecclesiastical Law Society of America was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in December 1998. The incorporators 'hope that it will be a resource and means of communications for all chancellors and other interested persons in the Episcopal Church, and is meant to parallel the Ecclesiastical Law Society which has existed in the British Isles for several years' --

The web site of an ECUSA priest, the Revd Eric Funston, who is also a consultant for church development and assistance in cases of parish conflict --

The web site of a layperson, Jean Fitzpatrick, in the Diocese of New York who 'writes often about the everyday spirituality of family life'; the site includes excerpts from some of her books --

Selah Publishing Company --

News Centre
Brian Reid's 30-second overview of this week's news: 'England moving towards separation of church and state. Problems with the final repose of Archbishop Huddleston's ashes. Bishop of New Westminster publishes a decision but did not make one. England's Archbishops' Council is real. Fighting over votive candles in Shropshire. ENS reports that Old Catholic Church will ordain women'.

Brian adds: 'Last week in this space we issued a plea for more Anglican news from the Southern Hemisphere. We got two categories of answer. From English-speaking countries we got the answer "we are all on holiday". From non-English-speaking countries we got the answer "we don't yet have many computers down here." We're delighted to hear from you. We would like to make sure that all of you in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in countries where Internet access is rare or expensive, are aware of the offer of help and web hosting for Diocesan web pages; see'.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Welsh parishes
Parish of Llandwrog and Llanwnda --

The Churches Advertising Network Easter 1999 campaign -- (Additional links to the recent controversy in England over the use of a picture of Che Guevara to represent Christ in the News Centre.)

Iowa: Iowa City, Trinity --

A new site from Paraguay, in Spanish. 'The site is a pioneer in a Latin American context and differs from other sites as it is neither parish nor diocese limited. It seeks to promote Anglicanism and also stimulate response' --

Week of 10 January 1999

Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador --

Camp Knowles, an Anglican camp in Saskatchewan --

General Resources
Book of Common Praier Noted, by John Merbecke (an Octavo edition, in Adobe PDF format, US $30) --

'Celebrating Common Prayer' Ordo for 1999, which follows the new Church of England calendar --

A server scheduling programme (shareware, free trial period), for PC and Windows computers --

'Total Ministry' web site (
June Maffin, the web site developer, notes that Total Ministry is also called 'Baptismal Ministry, Collaborative Ministry, Mutual Ministry, Local Ministry, Total Common Ministry') --

Wippell (USA), clergy outfitters, church appointments --

News Centre
This week in the News Centre: the full text of Lord Jauncey's finding in the matter of the Abbey Organist ( Controversy in England over the use of a picture of Che Guevara to represent Christ. More controversy about the Alpha campaign. A lawsuit settled between the Diocese of New Jersey and PECUSA, Inc. Stories from the World Council of Churches meeting are starting to arrive. Central America is still devastated by hurricane Mitch even though it is no longer news.

We have heard it said that Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South America are still there, though from the utter absence of Anglican news making it to us from those places, we aren't sure whether any Anglicans have survived. If you know of any Anglican News from outside the Northern Hemisphere, please tell us.

Not in the Communion
The Apostolic Catholic Church in America --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Ardley with Fewcott, St Mary --
Burnley, St Mark --
Fritwell, St Olave --
Souldern, The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary --

Irish parishes
Holywood, St Philip and St James --

St Chad's College, University of Durham --

'Link', the Diocese of Lichfield's monthly magazine --

Connecticut: Danbury, St James --
Kentucky: Lexington, Good Shepherd --
Texas: Austin, St Barnabas --

The Episcopal Network for Evangelism web site contains information on each ECUSA diocese's evangelism activities --

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