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Hallo again to all.

It's quite hard for me to grasp how near we are to Ash Wednesday, but the calendar indeed says it is so. Thus we issue our annual call for Lenten links: if your diocese or parish puts together materials for Lent and Holy Week, please let us know. We'll be putting up our special page of these links the first Sunday in Lent.

This week sees a mixture of sites new to Anglicans Online: a roster of parishes from the States, a diocese from Australia (Armidale), two youth-related web organisations, one in Canada and one in the United States, bells and chant pages, each nicely done with good links and fast-loading graphics, a web presence for the Community of the Holy Spirit, a religious order for women in the Episcopal Church in the USA, and a link to a feature we think many of you will like at the New York Times.

Brian checks in from the News Centre:

Each week when I edit the News Centre I think about which of its stories is likely to be noted in the history books, and which will be common knowledge. In the Anglican Timeline there are just a few dozen stories per century, so it would be parochial of me to think that any of these stories will be remembered. But I am beginning to get a suspicion that the squabble between the Rt Revd John S Spong and his many conservative opponents is one that will end up being significant enough to be noted in time lines a century from now. There is another chapter in that squabble noted in today's News Centre. Several stories that are fun but not memorable, and some solid "good for you like eating your vegetables" news stories too.

There are about half a dozen people in the world who are full-time journalists covering religion whom I respect enough that I will stop what I am doing to read something that they have written. If I were to enumerate the list, then you might wonder why some person was not on it, so I won't tell you who those half dozen are. But I will tell you that one of them is Andrew Brown, in the UK, who writes for the Church Times, the Independent, and various other publications. I have an email from Andrew Brown that asserts, raspily, that he will never again do a religious news story; I must be careful therefore to list his work as being features and not news. Nevertheless, you should read the grumpy essay he wrote for The Independent this week. Back to Cynthia.

... who will merely say that I am happy to be back with all of you and to be rid of the dreadful 'flu.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

Last updated: 7 February 1999
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