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Hallo again to all.

We're privileged to receive many posts emailed to us at Anglicans Online, often with, umm, obscure questions which we aren't able to answer without research or questions to which we've had no positive answer. One I recall receiving many times: 'I am travelling to the UK and wonder where there is some central source of information about cathedral choirs and times of service at the cathedrals'. We always answered 'Alas, no', but we're happy to say that the web site of Friends of Cathedral Music now has a summary page with all such information listed. What a good turn they have done for all of us.

Many parishes in the Diocese in Europe now have web sites, and we direct you to a number in our New This Week section. At AO, we're spoilt by the fact that more and more parishes are coming on line each week, so you'll see the by-now-expected several in the States, England, and Ireland.

No doubt many of you will recall the Che-Jesus advertising campaign we noticed in our News Centre in early January. Well, at last crossed it's crossed the pond, with National Public Radio and the Washington Post taking notice. With something this controversial and sassy, there had to be a t-shirt. And now there is: details in New This Week.

Brian Reid at the News Centre brings together the usual interesting mix of Anglican-related stories. You'll see some familiar suspects and some new tempests in teapots brewing. The 10-second summary is here.

See you next week, after Ash Wednesday opens for us all the gates of Lent.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 14 February 1999
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