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Hallo again to all.

Our seasonal page of Lenten links and resources is in place and we welcome additions. Do let us know if you know of any. There are several new Lenten links this year; I particularly like the web page devoted to Durer and Bach.

Speaking of music, you'll find a number of music links this week, along with new parish sites: all is detailed in New This Week. One of the new music sites features sheet music one buys and downloads online, which may represent what will eventually be a common way of purchasing music.

At one of the new-to-AO parish sites--Little Trinity parish, Toronto--we came across a poem written by a new parishioner--When First I Saw those Tombstones on the Wall--that gave every indication of being appropriate Lenten, but in fact brought far more smiles than tears. Well done!

We've often been asked if we know of a web site for the well-known Community of the Resurrection, in Mirfield, Yorkshire. To our knowledge, there is none yet, but there is now a web page for the Fraternity of the Resurrection, an Anglican religious fraternity for both lay people and clergy linked to that community. Can a Mirfield site be far behind?

If you're planning to be in or around Chicago, Illinois in the States in late October of this year, you might like to arrange to spend a bit of time at what sounds like a fascinating conference: Genus Regale et Sacerdotale: The Image of the Bishop Around the Millennium.

In the News Centre, AO News Editor Brian Reid reports more Millennium foolishness, lots of news about the Archbishop of Canterbury, remembers the passing of an Australian church newspaper, celebrates the existence of an English one, and notes various Anglican news items.

Our readers at Anglicans Online are unseen but dear companions on our Lenten journey, for which we are grateful. See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 21 February 1999
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