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Hallo again to all. And all good wishes on St David's Day, especially to our visitors from Wales.

As parish web sites slacken a bit (surely not connected to Lent) we found quite a few online journals and magazines to bring to your attention, from the Dirty Hippy Liberal Christian Home Journal to Christianity and the Arts.

Two geographically distant Anglican centres have interesting web sites: the Anglican Centre in Rome and the DeKoven Centre in Wisconsin, USA. Do take a moment to tour the fascinating facilities of both. I must confess I was taken with the Italian mosaic pool (or, as it's termed, the natatorium) at DeKoven. Wondering who DeKoven is? The Anglican answer is here.

This week we welcome the Diocese of Taiwan online, along with Good Shepherd parish in Taipei.

Our Lenten page remains a focus for many visitors this month, and we add new links quite frequently. Do check it for resources related to the season.

In our News Centre, you'll find Brian Reid's usual assortment of all the Anglican-related news we can find on the net. Brian reports:

"there is only one story in the UK press this week, on institutional racism. It is very surprising to me that this story has been essentially invisible in the North American press.

The News Centre received a complaint from someone whose opinion matters to us that we were putting too much of a slant on the news, and should cease the commentary and just list the stories. I tried to set up a "just the news" page by removing commentary, but it ended up being just a useless list of URLs. And the very act of deciding which URLs to include and which not to include will intrinsically put a slant on things. So I gave up. I don't think we put a huge slant on the news, and if you read our News Centre regularly, you'll figure out what that slant is. We try hard not to be political or factional, but we also try hard to be genuinely Anglican. When those conflict, I have to make a judgment call. I usually say what it is.

Sometimes I think that all of the News Centre readers who are organists or choirmasters have stopped reading Anglicans Online because they are resentful of the News Centre's unwillingness to side with Dr. Neary in the Abbey Organist affair. I still believe we made the right call. Slanted? I don't think so. Taking a stand? You betcha.

Back over to Cynthia.

We've had an email enquiry from someone interested in 'articles, explanations, history, legends of the Paschal Candle'. If you can assist, email chamilton@osler.com directly. Thanks to all of you who assist us with reader queries.

The popular Online Daily Office (ECUSA Book of Common Prayer, 1979) is changing its URL on 1 March. Because many of you make use of that resource, you should change your bookmarks to http://www.missionstclare.com/.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 28 February 1999
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