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Hallo again to all.

We continue to receive a number of music-related links, a welcome change from months with virtually none. Some of the recent sites are, in fact, commercial, but they offer enough of value for Anglican musicians in the way of downloadable MIDI files or Portable Document Format (PDF) sample sheet music that we think it worthwhile to bring them to your attention.

If you wonder whether teenagers in your parish really like to sing along heartily with 'Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven' or secretly pine for something else, you might be surprised at the results of a survey of teenagers and church music commissioned by the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. The survey, by the way, is not limited to the LCMS but takes in most mainline denominations, along with a few others.

After 200 years of activity round the globe, the UK's Church Mission Society is online. Although not nearly as long-lasting yet, the 'Common Cathedral' of Boston, Massachusetts (USA) has brought international attention to street ministry of the Reverend Deborah Little.

We welcome the Diocese of Utah and a number of US parishes. Rounding out the parishes this week are a lively site from Brisbane, Australia and one from a parish in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

In the States in the early 1930s there began what has now become the International Order of St Luke the Physician, and we were pleased to find a web site for this very special organisation devoted to the healing arts.

It is well-known that bishops prefer reading mysteries above all else. That being so, many of them (and those of us not bishops) may wish to turn to Kate Charles, an American ex-pat in England, who has written a series of Anglican-atmosphere mystery novels. We liked the comment from The Guardian about one of her early works: 'A bloodstained version of the world of Barbara Pym ... could make one late for Evensong." (Oddly enough, in our General Resources we listed, some months ago, a web site for writer Kate Gallison, who lives in New Jersey and has published a series of mysteries set in and around Anglican churches or with Anglican themes. Is it something about the name Kate?)

Last week we highlighted the web site for the Anglican Centre in Rome, and Brian Reid in the News Centre this week reports that the new director of the Anglican Centre is none other than the Bishop of Ottawa, also appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury's ambassador to the Vatican. You can read the details in the News Centre, or skip to the quick headlines in our New This Week section.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 7 March 1999
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