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Hallo again to all.

When I sat down to write this week's letter for Cynthia, I intended to mimic her style right down to the "hallo," and put her name at the end. But I can't do it. You who read this each week know that. The three of us who put Anglicans Online together have different roles. Simon, in England, scouts news stories and explains their intellectual and theological bases to us in the colonies. I edit and assemble the News Centre, search the Internet for related stories, and write short news analyses. Also I operate the computers. Cynthia, in Ithaca, New York, is responsible for the overall content, and assembles everything that is not in the News Centre. No one pays us for this, so we need jobs elsewhere. Cynthia runs her own public relations and market research business which specialises in educational institutions. So she was delighted some months ago to be able to do some research for one of the Episcopal seminaries (that's a Theological College to those of you who shift gears with your left hand); it combined two usually-separate parts of her life. But it also left her utterly exhausted after days of dawn-to-dusk work and driving all over the Northeast to interview bishops.

So Cynthia went to bed at a sensible hour this week, and I'm writing this week's letter. Um, where should I start. We uncovered a vast trove of new parish listings for the Diocese of Toronto, and discovered that we had not previously linked or listed St James Cathedral in Toronto. There are a few new parish listings elsewhere, but you'll need to look at New This Week to find out what they are. The Diocese of Rhode Island has a web page. In Trinidad, Holy Trinity Cathedral has a web page, and in Puerto Rico, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist has a web page.

The Dean and Chapter of St Patrick's, the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh, invite submissions from composers for a new work to celebrate the millennium. Composers may choose to write a setting of The Holy Communion (ASB/APB text), the Evening Canticles (either ASB/APB or BCP texts), or an extended anthem (English or Latin).

We have just learned of web site devoted to George Herbert, the poet. It's called "George Herbert and The Temple," and we think it's worth a look.

A few of the Anglican and Episcopal churches that we list, and even a cathedral or two, have web sites hosted with organizations that offer free web space to any Christian church, but in general these services are so very rigid and use a vocabulary that is so alien to our Anglican church. It really does make me cringe to see the dean of an Anglican cathedral referred to as "the pastor." Anglicans Online is sponsored by the Society of Archbishop Justus, who will make real web space available free of charge to any Anglican diocese or province or national church or religious order anywhere in the world.

For the first time in the history of Anglicans Online we have removed a link because it pointed to a page whose owner said he was getting too much traffic because of our link. There must have been a sale on bushel baskets in his city.

We are very pleased that Anglicans Online readership has increased 10% over its previous-year average during Lent, and increased 25% during the first week of Lent. We like to think that people are actually using the information that we so lovingly put here. Our server statistics show that we have about 20,000 readers each week, and that makes us smile.

See you next week.

Brian Reid

Last updated: 21 March 1999
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