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Hallo again to all, as the Church moves into the most solemn week of the year.

We welcome the Province of the West Indies, whose dioceses seem to waft warm breezes and sweet scents to the still-cold Northeastern United States. I lingered quite a while in the Cathedral of the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago and thought that Codrington College looked an especially lovely place for theological studies... Speaking of which, I was quite taken with Archbishop Marsh's library in Dublin and fascinated by the rare-book cages, although they are not still used, surely? Staying in Dublin for a mo, we welcome the lovely National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Patrick, the oldest Christian site in Dublin. The web pages are very nearly done, and very informative and interesting they are.

Speaking of ancient foundations, we pop over to Nova Scotia to acknowledge the University of King's College, which, although not strictly a theological college, was the first university to be established in English Canada (by Anglican loyalists), and is the oldest English-speaking Commonwealth university outside the United Kingdom. 'During the academic year, services of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Compline and Holy Eucharist are said daily'. This quite rivals some of our cathedrals!

Many of you will have read in the Times (London), in Time magazine, or have heard on the radio or telly about the first illuminated Bible to be commissioned in centuries. The web site devoted to the St John's Bible is, well, attractive but confusing to navigate and contains some unnecessarily large image files. It's worth the wait, mostly. Have a look here for a glimpse of the wonder that is being created.

A new discussion list (new to us) we found quite intriguing: the Meta Listserver, devoted to science and religion. The very informative web site for the list will give you plenty of information and let you see whether this discussion is one that would interest you.

We welcome new parishes in the States, the UK and Ireland, and do encourage all of you to visit a few parish web sites each week. You may be surprised at how much you can learn about this wonderful Anglican Communion by so doing.

Brian Reid has, not at all surprisingly, drawn your attention to a number of important Anglican-related news stories. You can read the overview in New This Week or jump straight to the stories in the News Centre.

Most of us, this Holy Week, will of course participating in the liturgies surrounding the last days of Our Lord's life on this earth. Woven into our meditations. I am sure, will be prayers for all men, women, and children involved the tangled, complex, ghastly conflict around Kosovo. As I write that, I think of a knotted ball of string, which brings back a bit of William Blake learnt long ago at school:

I give you the end of a golden string;
  Only wind it into a ball,
It will lead you in at Heaven's gate,
  Built in Jerusalem's wall.

See you next week, dear friends, on the other side, in Easter light.

Cynthia McFarland

Last updated: 28 March 1999
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