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Hallo again, dear friends. At last, A L L E L U I A ! A joyful word to say and write!

The Bishop of London has written a compelling article in The Independent (London) that begins 'The resurgence of religion has come as a shock to those whose world view was formed in the Sixties and Seventies'. We recommend a reading.

Speaking of good essays, last Easter the Church Times published a marvellous one by Simon Parke, One in the Eye from God. We saved a copy and are pleased to post it again at Anglicans Online.

This week the News Centre brings you perhaps the fullest roster of news stories we've ever posted. I find it impossible to give a reasonable precis (though Brian tries gamely in New This Week), so I urge you to pop over to the News Centre.

This Easter week we welcome the Diocese of Manchester, a revamped site for Salisbury Cathedral, and a parish site in Kuala Lumpur.

For those interested in the Scottish Episcopal Church, there is a new mailing list devoted to that. And jumping over to the States, the Diocese of Northern Indiana is beginning a search for a new bishop, and has developed a web site for that process. The pages gives you plenty of information.

In the hard-to-categorise roster, we note a first-ever CD by a pope, this one called Abba Pater, by the current pontiff. It is, well, hard to describe: sort of New Age-Celtic electronic background music overlaid with mostly chanted texts of John Paul II. If you have RealAudio, this cut gives you a good idea. We're trying to imagine a companion Anglican CD by the Archbishop of Canterbury :-)

And for a delightful waste of time and utter enjoyment, go make a stained glass window online. All you need is a Java-enabled browser.

Finally, we know you've always wondered what happens when an Anglican Church of Canada parish changes its name. Well, first one needs to consider the original naming document. Then one must have a bishop agree to the change. After all this, one's web site can reflect the new (whoops, the original) name. Herewith the true story of the Parish of St Andrew, previously the Parish of Lachute.

I'll be away next Sunday, so Brian Reid will again stand in for me. I'll see you in a fortnight. All of us here at Anglicans Online wish each of you a joyful Eastertide.

Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

Simon Sarmiento

Last updated: 4 April 1999
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