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Week of 4 April 1999

What happens when an Anglican Church of Canada parish changes its name? Well, first you need to consider the original naming document. Then you need to have a bishop agree to the change. After all this, your web site can reflect the new (oops, the original) name. The true story of the Parish of St Andrew, previously the Parish of Lachute.

Scottish Episcopal Church: A new mailing list for members of the Scottish Episcopal Church and Anglicans worldwide who are interested in the Scottish Episcopal Church. To subcribe to the list, send an email to
In the message body type 'subscribe scottish-episcopal' (no quotation marks).
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General Resources
Why a shot in the eye can be the best possible thing for Easter.

CAFOD, the official aid and development source for the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. Offers an overview of development issues and campaigns in over 80 countries, with comprehensive links to many Christian and development-orientated sites. --

A few minutes on your hands? Make a stained glass window (Note: requires a Java-enabled browser). --

Abba Pater, 'The first music CD to embody the voice of Pope John Paul II' --

News Centre
There is a breathtaking amount of Anglican news this week, even ignoring the lead story of the empty tomb in Jerusalem. Usually I try to be slightly flip when writing this summary of the weekly news, but on Easter Sunday I just cannot do it. Three important Christian essays top your must-read list, by the Bishop of London, the Archbishop of Armagh, and the Archbishop of York. The Anglican Communion observer at the United Nations has resigned. A small but forward-looking English parish church plans to use the web to report on the pastoral visit of their bishop. We have found some conservative points of view on the Brockton story and added them to our coverage of it. All this and much more in the News Centre.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Avening (near Tetbury), Holy Cross --
Bolton, Smithills Chapel --
Kensington (London), St Mary Abbots, the parish church of Kensington --
Rainham, St Helen and St Giles --

English cathedrals
Salisbury, The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Salisbury --

English dioceses
Diocese of Manchester --

Colorado: Greeley, Trinity --
Illinois: Barrington Hills, St Mark --
Maine: Newcastle, St Andrew --
Nevada: Fernley, a Chapel of Ease connected with the Franciscan Order of Divine Compassion (ECUSA)--
New Jersey: Hoboken, All Saints --
Virginia: Charlottesville, St Paul's Memorial --

Diocese of Northern Indiana: information about their search for a new bishop --

Parish of Christ Church Jinjang, Kepong --

Another youth-ministry opening in Tennessee, USA.

Week of 28 March 1999

University of King's College, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Our correspondent notes: 'It's not really a seminary, although many undergrads go there to study Classics as a kind of "pre-divinity" degree; but it is an Anglican foundation, and maintains a very active chapel with impeccable Anglo-Catholic liturgies.' --

The Meta Listserver, 'a non-sectarian and international moderated newsletter and discussion list on science and religion with over 1200 subscribers ... The meta listserv [is] a conduit for information sharing and high-quality discourse among organizations, scholars, scientists, clergy, philosophers, students, and the interested public about issues and interpretations in the field of science and religion. The project is non-sectarian and seeks to promote the serious and constructive engagement of science and religion from a variety of religious and philosophical perspectives. ... All religious traditions and spiritual disciplines are welcome conversation partners, interpreters, and collaborator in this discussion.'. The web site is very informative, and information for subscribing is on the site. --

Essentials Document, Montreal '94 mailing list: A list for those interested in discussion of the Essentials Document, Montreal '94 ( To subscribe, send email to In the message body type only: subscribe essentials_listserve

General Resources
The Collects of Thomas Cranmer, edited by C. Frederick Barbee and Paul F. M. Zahl From the publisher's notice: 'Published on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer, The Collects of Thomas Cranmer presents in its original form and order the prayed theology of Anglicanism. This theology is not only decisive for the much debated question of "Anglican identity," but it also represents a unique moment in the history of Christianity'. ISBN 0-8028-3845-6, US $17.00

A simple ECUSA lectionary page, with graphic calendar format with the collects and readings (NRSV) for Sundays, Holy Days, and Lesser Feasts and Fasts.--

The first illuminated Bible in centuries. We'll warn you of a quite enormous graphic on the home page; prepare to wait a bit for the download. --

Lenten Resources
Resources and links for Holy Week and the Triduum.

News Centre
A Coadjutor elected in Ottawa, perhaps even using the Internet. The Queen of England will distribute Maundy money at Bristol. Western religious leaders speak out on Kosovo. Australians plan to celebrate the millennium in their own way. Scottish Episcopal Church refuses to do business with Pat Robertson. All this and more in the News Centre.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Welwyn, St. Mary --
Woolmer Green, St Michael with Ayot St Peter --

English Dioceses
Diocese of Chichester --

National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Patrick, Dublin --

Irish resources
A reconcilation project library based on ecumenism and theology in Raphoe town. The archives of St Eunan's Cathedral, Raphoe are the most important part of the collection. --

Marsh's Library, 'built in 1701 by Archbishop Narcissus Marsh (1638-1713), was the first public library in Ireland. It still contains Archbishop Marsh's collections of books and is still being used for its original purpose. Members of the public are welcome to visit this beautiful old building, and scholars and students are welcome to carry out research'. --

California: Long Beach, St Thomas of Canterbury --
Colorado: Denver, St Luke --
Colorado: Denver, St Philip and St James --
Georgia: Macon, St James --

Nevada: Elko, St Paul --
Nevada: Reno, Trinity --
New Hampshire: Ashland. St Mark --
North Carolina: Hickory, St Alban --
Texas: Friendswood, Good Shepherd --

Episcopal Charities of Long Island, the first Episcopal Charities program in the United States --

Mexico: Guadalajara, St Mark --

West Indies: The Province of West Indies --

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