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Hallo again to all. It's lovely to be back with you after a week or so away in the American southwest.

Having been away from my parish church on Low Sunday, I note with delight the appearance of that Sunday's Choral Evensong from St Peter's Church, Nottingham, England via RealAudio files. Do have a listen: I'm typing this paragraph to Samuel Sebastian Wesley's sturdy, triumphant, and eminently Victorian anthem, Blessed be the God and Father. The parish web site is a charming place to visit, so browse whilst you listen.

As long as I am on things Petrine, we had an enquiry from an editor of the Oxford English Dictionary some weeks ago. She is attempting to find the earliest date for the word 'Petertide' and writes: 'At present the dictionary's earliest date is 1912, which seems rather late. The word does not appear in the Middle English Dictionary, however'. If you happen to come upon a source for a pre-1912 use of 'Petertide', would you email me directly? If any group of people on the Internet can assist with this, I suspect it is Anglicans Online readers.

Brian Reid has, as usual, gathered together a host of news articles for you in the News Centre. You may have heard us lament the apparent (to us) dearth of Anglican-related news from the southern hemisphere. We have taken measures to remedy that at least partially through a paid Australian-specific news search service and hope to bring you more coverage as a result.

The Diocese of The Murray (perhaps one of the most intriguing of diocesan names) in Australia is online, along with an unofficial page for the Diocese of Derby in England. We note this week the appearance of several interesting parish sites, amongst them St George's Church in Arlington, Virginia, USA, with a set of comprehensive and intelligent web pages. The parish church of Grasmere, England, St Oswald, has a new web site. As many will know, the parish has numerous associations with the poet William Wordsworth. When I read 'Grasmere' I remembered an anecdote I read years ago in some now-forgotten biography. A young man at a formal reception was gamely attempting to make small talk with his formidable and hard-of-hearing hostess. Being asked by her where he resided, the young man enunciated loudly and clearly, 'In Grasmere, very near Wordworth's grave', just as one of those uncanny hushes fell over the crowd. Straightaway across the room boomed a jolly voice, 'And don't you find it very unhealthy?' I've no doubt that St Oswald's is eminently healthy.

See you next week. A joyful Eastertide to each of you!

Cynthia McFarland


Last updated: 18 April 1999
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