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Hallo again to all.

We receive frequent email asking us if there are central sources listing clerical and lay vacancies for various provinces of the Anglican Communion. Our answer has always been, 'No, not to our knowledge. You'll need to check individual diocesan web sites'. Happily, the Anglican Church of Canada has taken a great step forward to remedy this situation, establishing a 'positions open' section on its fine national web site. You can browse positions available and, if appropriate, post positions as well. The even-better news: This resource isn't limited to ACC positions only. In fact, you'll see an opening in the Scottish Episcopal Church and a most interesting 'Regional Mission Co-ordinator for Africa and the Middle East'. Do take advantage of this service and let your diocesan officials know that there is now a good central place to list lay and clerical vacancies. Well done, ACC!

Another 'well done' to St Mary's Cathedral in the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway in Scotland: they've inaugurated an ambitious and comprehensive web site of more than 60 pages, with everything from comprehensive news links about their activities to close-ups of their most interesting murals.

Towards the end of the month there are a number of celebrations in honour of the 450th anniversary of the 1549 Prayer Book. We were quite taken with the day-long activities at Christ Church, Oxford, and you'll find the diary for 27 May in New This Week.

We were also taken with the parish web site for an historic parish in New Brunswick: St Luke's, Gondola Point. The history alone makes it well worth a visit. And if you'd like to jump from the north to the south, you'll enjoy spending some time at the web site for the Cathedral of St James in Guatemala.

The News Centre this week has news from Australia and from the UK. The Australians have just finished, and published (but not online) a survey of the church-going habits of 300,000 Australians, comparing current data with that from five years ago. And the British are moving full-speed forward towards a formal and legal separation of church and state. And if you read the News Centre, as you know you should, you will not miss finding the Church Times' coverage of a giant garden party given in England by 60 bishops for thousands of teenagers.

Anglicans Online is a web-only publication; it's a large collection of files that we maintain. Its value is not just in the words and pictures that it contains, but in the hyperlinks, both inside and to resources outside. Once a week we write this letter, update all of the directories, and go to bed. Being the meticulous sorts that we are, this week we counted (with a computer) the files that make up Anglicans Online. There are 486 source files (html files) and 1021 supporting files (images, etc). There are 5141 links to things outside Anglicans Online. We do try to keep them current, but we really can't test all 5141 of them every week. We are very grateful to you, our readers, both for your forgiveness when you find a link that is broken and for your diligence in reporting them to us.

We'll see you next week. If you spend 85 hours online this week, and if you spend no more than 1 minute on each web page, you'll be able to visit all of our resource links before we publish next week's edition. Good luck.


Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

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