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Hallo again to all on this Trinity Sunday. So whose parish didn't sing St Patrick's Breastplate at some point in the service today? If the doctrine--or, better, love song--of the Trinity causes occasional theological difficulties for us all, it has certainly inspired some glorious hymns.

We note with pleasure the appearance online of the Diocese of Saskatchewan in the Anglican Church of Canada. A number of parishes in the States make their appearance in our pages, this week coupled by the mysterious absence of any parish web sites outside the UK, Canada, or the States. And we want to congratulate the Diocese of Melbourne on the nice improvements to their web site. Please remember that as your browse the Web, if you see a parish site you know hasn't been listed with us here, do send us the URL. (Of course you don't need to be a member of the parish to submit the site.)

Throughout the Anglican Communion '1549' parties continue, in celebration of that first Prayer Book. A new site gives you the worldwide run-down on what celebrations are occurring, where.

The big story in the News Centre this week is the 1999 General Synod of the Church of Ireland, which happened a couple of weeks ago, but it took a while for the information to be assembled. We did not have a reporter on-scene. Like many other church bodies, Kosovo is very much on the minds of the Irish. It is a holiday weekend in much of the world, so not a lot is happening. The London newspapers are trying to make a fuss over the hiring of a new organist for Westminster Abbey, but we think the flower show at Kew Gardens is bigger news.

Taking advantage of the holiday weekend and the paucity of news, we've used the extra time to complete a major reconstruction of what used to be termed our 'General Resources' area. All of those listings are now indexed in the Resource Index, as are the former sections of Music and Youth. Many of you will recall the very long page of subheads and links in the old General Resources section. Now each one of the of the important subhead areas has its own page. We suspect you'll find it easier to locate what you need at Anglicans Online. But enough of the attempt to describe the changes: have a look at the Resources Index. And tell us what you think of this change; we welcome your comments. Yes, we know it needs a search engine. We're working on it.

See you next week, as we enter the long season of the Sundays after Trinity (or Pentecost, depending on where you are). And wherever you are, we're ever so grateful you stop by here.


Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

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