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New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We post two weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. Before they disappear from this page, you'll find the URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online.

Week of 6 June 1999

Australia and New Zealand
Australia: NSW, Tamworth, Saint John the Evangelist -- http://www.avtb.com.au/tamworth/stjohns/

From an Australian priest, parish bulletin bits, some reflections on Anglo-Catholicism, issues to think about. -- http://victorian.fortunecity.com/tiffany/491/index.html

Book of Common Prayer
Would Cranmer have joined the Prayer Book Society? And other hot topics, as the Anglican Communion celebrates the 45-th anniversary of the 1549 Prayer Book. See the link in our News Centre for more.

British Columbia, Oliver, St Edward the Confessor -- http://home.istar.ca/~cupsdell/StEdwardTheConfessor/index.htm
Nova Scotia: Kentville, St James -- http://www.glinx.com/~stjames/
Nova Scotia: Liverpool, Trinity Parish -- http://www.auracom.com/~trinity/
Quebec: Montreal, St George -- http://st-georges.org/

An ECUSA lectionary resource mailing list, which you can read more about here.

News Centre
UK government urged to be more like The Diocese in Europe. Andrew Brown writes about Elvis and the Pope. Ruth Gledhill writes about the Archbishop of Kenya. June Osborne writes about a very dead bishop. The actual anniversary of the BCP is commemorated, and Nicholas Orme wonders if Cranmer would have joined a Prayer Book Society. The Canadian PB Society publishes on a crisis in Canada. The Bank of Scotland has had enough from Pat Robertson, and walks. South America votes not to ordain women. Episcopal Churches in Utah ask people not to bring guns into church. All this and more in the News Centre.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Little Heath, Christ Church -- http://www.cclh.freeserve.co.uk/
Radlett, Christ Church and St John -- http://www.radlett.ndo.co.uk/anglican.htm
St Albans, St Stephen -- http://www.stalbans.gov.uk/ststephen/
Shefford Deanery -- http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/jkendixon/Parishpage.html

Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Deaneries' Social Responsibility Committee -- http://www.ndirect.co.uk/%7Ehardwidge/soceye.html

The Christian Conference Trust -- http://www.cct.org.uk

Indiana: Munster, St Paul -- http://hometown.aol.com/Schuney/index.html
Maryland: Ellicott City, St Peter's Church and School -- http://www.toad.net/~stpeters/
North Carolina: Tryon, Church of the Good Shepherd -- http://www.geocities.com/heartland/lake/5374 (Note: the images are large file sizes, but the history is fascinating)
Ohio: Oakwood (Dayton), St Paul -- http://www.stpauls-dayton.org/
Virginia: Hampton, Emmanuel -- http://www.vabch.com/emmanuel/
Washington DC: Tenleytown, St Columba -- http://www.columba.org/

Nominations are being accepted for the XI Bishop of North Carolina -- http://www.wfu.edu/~horton/bishop

Integrity/Virginia is a ministry of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Christians and their families and friends in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia -- http://www.integrityva.org

Hong Kong: Pokfulam, Emmanuel -- http://www.iohk.com/UserPages/pdka/
Hong Kong: East Kowloon, Church of the Good Shepherd (and school) -- http://www.cmsweb.com/church_g_s/

Information about two Diocese of Southern Argentina daycare centres for street kids and homeless families of Buenos Aires. -- http://www.tmilenio.com/jardines/

Week of 30 May 1999

Book of Common Prayer
To celebrate the 450th anniversary of the introduction of the first English Prayer Book of 1549, a number of churches within the Anglican Communion have prepared special services of thanksgiving using the forms of service found in that book. This site lets you search for those churches by place and find which churches are celebrating the Holy Communion, Mattins, or Evening Prayer. -- http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Lab/9664/1549/frontpage.html

Diocese of Saskatchewan -- http://saskatchewan.anglican.org

Alberta: St Albert, St Matthew -- http://home.istar.ca/~pmoloney/stmatt.htm
British Columbia: Lantzville, St-Philip-by-the-Sea -- http://stphilips.cjb.net

This ECUSA site offers original hymn texts to work in most cases with tunes from the ECUSA 1982 hymnal, following the 'Year A, B, C' lectionary format. MIDI files provided. -- http://www.texoma.net/~ktfor

News Centre
The Anglican world has a sleepy holiday weekend. Westminster Abbey has a new organist who is not a crazed Reggae drummer. The Church of Ireland has finished its General Synod. Churches continue to think about Kosovo, and winter causes food shortages for the poor in Australia. All these stories, and more, in the News Centre.

Seasonal Resources
Our special pages (Lent, Advent, etc.) are now available year round in our Resources section. Who says you need to browse, say, Advent resources and links only in Advent?

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Crosscake and Patrick (Cumbria), Crosscake and Patrick parishes -- http://www.fox73.freeserve.co.uk/index.html

Welsh parishes
Flint: Parish of Flint (St Mary, Flint; St Thomas, Flint Mountain; St David, Oakenholt) -- http://homepages.tesco.net/~prowens/

Glastonbury Abbey --

Kentucky: Winchester, Emmanuel -- http://churches.net/free/eec.htm
Maryland: Baltimore, Saint John's, Huntingdon -- http://www.stjohns-huntingdon.org
Maryland: Baltimore, St Margaret -- http://www.saintmargarets.ang-md.org/

New York: Glen Cove, St. Paul -- http://www.bdcweb.com/stpauls/
New York: Brooklyn, St. John -- http://www.freeyellow.com:8080/members7/SJEC1826/
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, St. Mary's (Hamilton Village) -- http://www.libertynet.org/stmaryhv
Virginia: Virginia Beach, Emmanuel -- http://emmanuel.exis.net

St James School, St James, Maryland -- http://www.stjames.edu/

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