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Hallo again to all. I find it delightful and oddly inspiring that a mission parish in North Carolina (USA), which has yet to have a proper name or a building, has a web site with its own domain: http://www.clayton-episcopalians.org/. Meeting at a local school, this energetic group will no doubt come along quickly in its pilgrimage towards becoming what most of us, rightly or wrongly, have always thought of as a 'real parish'.

At the other end of the globe the parish of Whylla, in Southern Australia, is planning a most interesting building designed to be ecologically sound, not at all an easy thing when one is located in a very arid area in the outback. Although some of the images on the site are large, your patience will be repaid when you see the interesting architectural elevations.

If you're in Melbourne on the 14th of July, you might do well to plan your evening at St Peter's Eastern Hill, where Archbishop Keith Rayner will give a major on the Future of Anglican Catholicism at the annual Keble Mass, honouring the beginning of the Oxford Movement. Details on our Conference and Events page.

We welcome this week the Diocese of Bunbury in Australia, Trinity Cathedral in the Diocese of Oregon, and several parish sites from around the Anglican world.

Since you have found us, you know that we have changed our domain name. Names are important. The good folks in Clayton know that: they got a domain name before they got a church building. Anglicans Online is sponsored by the Society of Archbishop Justus, which operates (but does not own) the domain anglican.org. When Tod Maffin needed to move his Anglicans Online site to new computers in July 1996, the plans for the use of anglican.org were not yet solid, so we let Tod use a corner of the anglican.org namespace, and Anglicans Online moved from http://www.anglican.ca/anglican/ to http://anglican.org/online/.

Moving a popular web site is not something to be taken lightly. Anglicans Online moved from its original home at http://www.infomatch.com/~haibeck/anglican.html in 1995, but today, more than 4 years later, there are still 244 links to that long-dead URL listed in Alta Vista. But we have discovered that entirely too many people were making the unwarranted assumption that because we had "anglican.org" in our URL, that we were in some way official. We are not the official voice of anything, and we wanted to change our name to something that would help people remember that. So here we are at anglicansonline.org. We looked at a lot of other names, but most of the ones that made sense were already taken.

One immediate benefit to us has appeared. We prepare Anglicans Online using Dreamweaver 2 from Macromedia, and that program has a funny bug in it that makes it much more difficult to achieve certain kinds of consistency if your web site does not have its own domain. So now that we have our own domain, Brian has jumped in and edited all 411 html files that make up Anglicans Online so that they use a technical feature known as "server-side includes." This gives a much greater consistency to our navigation bars, and allows us to keep track of, and announce, the publication and update schedule of each of those 411 files. It will also make it much easier for us to make future systematic changes, so that we can spend more time on content and less time on form and appearance.

Brian's older daughter is spending 6 months in South America as an exchange student, and this week is her 16th birthday. Steady there, big guy. Pretend you don't miss her on her birthday. Stiff upper lip.

See you next week.


Cynthia McFarland

Brian Reid

Last updated: 13 June 1999
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